Atlanta is about to get AS NASTY AS WE WANNA BE!

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2livecrew154x80 In last couple years with the huge hype on Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Santogold, and many others there has been a new found love for the ones that started it all 2 LIVE CREW

These rap headline-makers from Miami, Florida (via California) became unlikely figures in a media censorship debate when, in June 1990, As Nasty As They Wanna Be was passed sentence on by a judge in Broward County, Florida. In the process it became the first record in America to be deemed legally obscene (a Georgia appeal court overturned the decision in May 1992). Their right to free speech saw them defended by sources as diverse as Sinead O’Connor, Bruce Springsteen and Motley Crue but the overbearing impression remained that 2 Live Crew was a third-rate rap outfit earning first division kudos by little more than circumstance.

In 1985, the California-based trio Chris Wong Won ("Fresh Kid Ice"), DJ David Hobbs ("Mr. Mixx"), and rapper Amazing V released the debut 2 Live Crew single, "Revelation". After moving to Miami and replacing Amazing V with New Yorker Mark Ross ("Brother Marquis"), the trio signed with Luke Skyywalker Records, the new label set up by their manager/promoter Luther Campbell (b. 22 December 1960, Miami, Florida, USA). (The label’s name was later shortened to Luke Records when film-maker George Lucas, who created the Luke Skywalker character in the movie Star Wars, filed suit.)

The new line-up assembled a single together, "Throw The D", based on a new dance move, and recorded it in front of Campbell’s mother’s house. Their debut set, recorded before Campbell became an actual member, marked out the crew’s territory.

To this end, 2 Live Crew several times expressed themselves to be an adult comedy troupe in the best traditions of crude party records by Blowfly and others. Hence, "We Want Some P***y" and other, incon sequential, mildly offensive tracks. Their music was underpinned by the familiar "Miami Bass" sound of synthesized, deep backbeats. As Nasty As They Wanna Be, replete with 87 references to oral sex alone, included the notorious "Me So Horny", built around a sample from Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. It was an unquestionably offensive lyric, but no more so than those by the Geto Boys or others and there were probably worse examples within the 2 Live Crew’s own songbook. "The F**k Shop", which sampled Guns N’Roses guitar lines, or "Head Booty And Cock" which became almost a battle-cry, notably when repeated by chanting fans on the Phoenix, Arizona-recorded live album.

This event at Atlanta’s award winning art gallery, Eyedrum, will surely be interesting affair to say the least and you can expect to hear classic hits like " Face Down A** Up " , " Too Much Booty in the Pants " , " Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya", " Funk Shop " , " Me So Horny " , " Hoochie Mama " , "Pop That Coochie " , " Throw The D ", "Do Wah Diddy" as well as some new diddies for certain from their new album " Just Wana Be Heard " Summer 2008

Tickets go on sale Friday May 30 at Noon and will sell out fast!

Tickets will be $25.00 each

Also performing: Hollyweerd and more!

Doors open at 9:00pm

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