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Atlanta bands on Twitter

September 30, 2008 |

Here’s a list of all the Atlanta bands and venues we found on Twitter (so far)

It wasn’t too long ago we did this when Myspace was blowing up!

To get your band added just email us with your Twitter address

Atlanta Bands and venues On Twitter

99x – www.twitter.com/99x 

Abby Go Go – www.twitter.com/abbygogorocks
Adam Bruneau – www.twitter.com/adambruneau

Adron – www.twitter.com/adronshows

A Fight To The Death (CJ) – www.twitter.com/CJ_AFTTD

All The Saints – www.twitter.com/allthesaints

Anna Kramer – www.twitter.com/annakramermusic

Attention System – www.twitter.com/AttentionSystem

Attractive Eighties Women – www.twitter.com/aewsome

Black Lips – www.twitter.com/TheBlackLips

Blind Crush – www.twitter.com/blindcrush

Brett Phillips (13 Day Mission) – www.twitter.com/bretwp

Can Can – www.twitter.com/cancanband

Carnivores – www.twitter.com/carnivoresatl

Center Stage (The Loft, Vinyl) – www.twitter.com/CenterStageAtl

Club Awesome – www.twitter.com/clubawesome

The Cogburns – www.twitter.com/TheCogburns
Collective Soul – www.twitter.com/collective_soul
The Constellations – www.twitter.com/_constellations
County Line Strangers – www.twitter.com/clstrangers

Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters – www.twitter.com/DMATWD

Dead Confederate – www.twitter.com/DeadConfederate
Death on Two Wheels – www.twitter.com/do2w

Debutaunts – www.twitter.com/debutaunts
Ben Deignan – www.twitter.com/bendeignan

Dres Tha Beatnik – www.twitter.com/dresthabeatnik

The Drunken Unicorn – www.twitter.com/drunkenunicorn
The EARL – www.twitter.com/earl_eav
Eddie’s Attic – www.twitter.com/eddiesattic
Elevation – www.twitter.com/elevationband

Envie – www.twitter.com/enviemusic

Eric Makes Music – www.twitter.com/ericmakesmusic

From Exile – www.twitter.com/FromExile

The Goldest – www.twitter.com/TheGoldest

Gringo Star – www.twitter.com/Gringo_Star_ATL

It’s Elephant’s – www.twitter.com/itselephants
Lenny’s Bar – www.twitter.com/lennysbar
Lions and Scissors – www.twitter.com/lionsandscissor
The Masquerade – www.twitter.com/masquerade_atl
The Modern Society – www.twitter.com/moso
Janelle Monae – www.twitter.com/JanelleMonae
Judi Chicago – www.twitter.com/JudiChicago
Jungol – www.twitter.com/Jungol

Le Castle Vania – www.twitter.com/LeCastleVania

Lindsay Appel – www.twitter.com/LindsayAppel

Lions and Scissors – www.twitter.com/LionsandScissor

Mastodon – www.twitter.com/cracktheskye

Nerd Parade – www.twitter.com/nerdparade
Nerdkween – www.twitter.com/nerdkween

Nigredo – www.twitter.com/NigredoMusic

Noot D’Noot – www.twitter.com/NootDNoot

Odist – www.twitter.com/OdistMusic

The Orphins – www.twitter.com/The_Orphins

Oryx and Crake – www.twitter.com/oryxncrake

Pistolero – www.twitter.com/Pistolero_ATL

Randy Garcia – www.twitter.com/rgmuse

Red Letter Agent – www.twitter.com/redletteragent

Reklein – www.twitter.com/reklein

The Serenaders – www.twitter.com/theserenaders

Slushco – www.twitter.com/SlushcoMusic
Small Reactions – www.twitter.com/smallreactions

Smiths Olde Bar – www.twitter.com/smittytwitty

Snowden – www.twitter.com/SnowdenMusic

Spy Magnet – www.twitter.com/spymagnet

Sonen – www.twitter.com/sonenmusic

The Soulphonics – www.twitter.com/thesoulphonics
Stellate – www.twitter.com/stellate
The Swear – www.twitter.com/theswear
The Tabernacle – www.twitter.com/tabernacleatl
Tealights – www.twitter.com/TealightsBand
This Piano Plays Itself – www.twitter.com/ThisPianoPlays

Thy Mighty Contract – www.twitter.com/ThyMighty

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun – www.twitter.com/todaythemoon
Trances Arc – www.twitter.com/trancesarc

Two Sheds Music (Record Label) – www.twitter.com/twoshedsmusic

Untied States – www.twitter.com/UntiedStates

Variety Playhouse – www.twitter.com/varplayhouse
Wighat – www.twitter.com/wighat
Young Orchids – www.twitter.com/youngorchids

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