Picture Book & Concert Review: Jacob Jeffries Band with Suzanna Choffel @ Eddie’s Attic – November 29th

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By: Shelby Lum

Photographed by: Shelby Lum

Eddie’s Attic is silent and chatter free, as per usual, as the venue prepared for its live recording.  Suzanna Choffel stepped under the dim red lights first to open for Jacob Jeffries Band.  Opening with “Continental Drift”, her deep, smokey vocals warbled through the speakers.  The folky singer, songwriter played her set alone, and for only a single person her stage presence was fantastic.  Each of her songs were accompanied by stories and background information, which helped the set flow from one song to the next.  Choffel even sang her cover of “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, which had been her blind audition for NBC’s The Voice, and won her a position on the show.  She took a playful, and good humored jab at Taylor Swift while talking about a break up song, and laughed at her own “nervous stage banter”.

The semi-raspy singer mostly sang new, unreleased songs, rather than tracks off her album.  “Guardians” and “Swallow” were among the new songs debuted at Eddie’s Attic.  Right at the beginning of her set (her second song) she pulled Jacob Jeffries and Eric from Jacob Jeffries Band on stage to help her with back up vocals.  Rolling through her set list of songs of growing up, new beginnings, and love, her songs sounded personal and intimate.  Finishing off with “Archer” part of the source of the title of her album, she left the glowing stage to be taken over by the more upbeat Jacob Jeffries Band.

Oddly enough, as the four-man band took the stage, it wasn’t Jacob Jeffries on the keyboards who began, but the bass player who had penned the opening song.  Soon, lead singer Jacob Jeffries led most of the set and by the second song, the Ft. Lauderdale natives had the crowd singing along with them.

The most interesting aspect of the night was the fact that it was a live recording that the band would later use.  Because of this, the band (with a full disclaimer) got to redo mess ups for the sake of the recording. Jimmy Powers, lead guitar, accurately pointed out that all of us in the crowd were becoming part of the bonus tracks.  Playfully making fun of himself, Jeffries re-did two songs to make sure he got them just right.

Between the jokes about their love for Ryan Gosling, buying the crowd thimbles of wine, singing female songs, and Eric’s cardigan, the band offered a set list packed full of old favorites and unheard songs.  “Look At It” was one of the songs they had never recorded, which included a fantastic guitar solo at the finish.

With intense charisma, Jeffries popped in and out of his chair as if unable to sit through an entire song.  The strongest song of the night was their cover of “Band on the Run”.  The crowd even helped a bit and sang along with the old favorite (although what that did for the recording quality could be questionable).

Choffel returned the favor and returned to the stage to help the band with a few of their songs.  What looked like a little band, gave off a big sound.  Seeing the plaid, driving cap, and cardigan clad guys step on stage, I was expecting a more mellow tone, but instead the pop-rock quartet brought a high level energy.

To close, they finished off with “Shark Week”, the funny tribute to Discovery Channel’s infamous shark documentaries.  Jeffries said that Discovery Channel had called and asked to use their hilarious song devoted to Shark Week, but without pay or royalties.  They turned it down and joked that they still own the song and are still completely broke.

With the performance they gave at Eddie’s Attic, Jacob Jeffries Band should be making huge steps forward in popularity.  Their charisma and excitement were apparent in their upbeat songs and offbeat stage banter.  Who wouldn’t love a band who sings an entire song about Shark Week (even if they don’t like Shark Week all that much)?

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