Preview: Hijacking Music Festival, Saturday, Dec 8th, with Jungol, Cusses, and more!

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By: Shelby Lum

For the third year, Hijacking Music Festival will be in Atlanta, this year hosted by 529 in East Atlanta Village.  Over the past two years, they have only brought in local Atlanta acts, but this year the festival has lined up acts from both in and out of the Atlanta area.  The Hijacking Music Festival organizers have been working “to increase the exposure of the artists in our community”.

Here is a preview on some of the scheduled bands:


Led by lead singer, Angel, Cusses sounds like a a more intense, more rock version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  While the female vocals are the most noticeable and unique factor, Cusses is also backed by great instrumentals for a full formed, and well executed sound.

Fine Peduncle

Cole Murphey, the backbone of Fine Peduncle, isn’t just a musician, but also an artist.  After graduating with a degree in print making he said he sees his music as a visual art as well as audio, meaning his live performances are going to be a far cry from what you have seen before.  Part neo soul, part electronic, part indie performer, he mixes and loops the tracks himself, and will be at Hijacking this weekend (most likely shirtless, as per usual for his performances).

Hail the Titans

Hail the Titans, sans vocalist, will be a one of a kind act at Hijacking.  Taking a route that few artists do (especially considering several of the members have singing backgrounds), this band has decided to cut the presence of a lead singer.  Without a lead singer, listeners are forced to focus on the music itself, and the works to the advantage of Hail the Titans.  The instrumentals are not only spot on, but different from the norm as well.


Another female singer comes to play with Hanzelle, but this band is more of a modern pop act.  Combining synths with acoustic, Hanzelle takes a known genre and pushes it farther.  By adding a cello and an upright bass to their modern beats, they bombard your senses with a combination of contemporary technology with the oldest acoustic instrumentals.


Fueled by coffee (one of their many interests), Jungol is bringing their progressive sound to Hijacking Music Fest.  As Atlanta natives, they have the chance to perform for their home town.  The indie rock vocals compliment the electronic rock backbone, and this band’s foray into progressive electronic should soon find success in Atlanta.


Another instrumental band, Nigredo is no new comer to the Atlanta music scene.  Having played at Nophest, and other Atlanta venues, the post rock band is back again.  Choosing to be totally instrumental could have been the best choice Nigredo has ever made.  With vocals it is only too easy to allow the singing to overtake the instrumental aspect, effectively losing any appreciation for what lies behind.  Nigredo’s all instrument philosophy shows off their talent.

Psychedubasaurus REX

The only people who wouldn’t appreciate the musical repertoire of Psychedubasaurus Rex will probably be those with short attention spans.  As a semi-jam band, their songs typically hit well over the five minute mark.  With that being said, even I can make it through their lengthy songs due to their serious talent.

Sneaky Hand

After doing some research on the smaller band, Sneaky Hand, I was more than intrigued.  After they were compared to both Rage Against the Machine and Incubus, I was more than ready to hear them live.  Could there really be a better meshing of two greater rock, funk bands?  After listening to them I will admit, the vocals have a very Incubus sound to them, and they are sure to give a fantastic show this weekend.

Swank Sinatra

Swank Sinatra, after forming from a drunken karaoke night, has been the closest thing I have found to rock ‘n’ roll in a long time (for modern bands that is).  Listening to them, you would never think they had formed within the last decade.  Channeling old school rock ‘n’ roll, Swank Sinatra has hit their niche.


The one man band, John Jacobus, has been performing as Tricil since the late 90s.  He has brought together dubstep and electronic, while still keeping his guitarist background.

Check out Hijacking Music Festival at 529 this Saturday, December 8th.  Presale tickets are just $10 and $15 at the door.  Do that math and you are getting each act for just a dollar.  Yes, a single dollar.  That’s got to be one of the best deals in the city for a show!

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