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There are really only two words that can describe all that’s going on in Atlanta tonight. Those words? YEAH BUDDY. We’ve got Joseph Arthur for all you sensitive types, Wax for all you Def Jam loyalists and Liquor Store for all you guitar hook junkies.

Joseph Arthur @ Eddie’s Attic 

If there’s such a thing as the opposite of writer’s block, Joseph Arthur has it. The Ohio-bred/Brooklyn-residing singer/songwriter who once released four EPs in the span of as many months was deep into work on two distinct albums when the music that became The Graduation Ceremony suddenly bubbled to the top. Arthur wrote one song, “Out on a Limb,” that rapidly turned into 10 additional whisper-y, acoustic tracks, all recorded in one marathon session. In the studio, he went through all the tracks – some old, some brand new – and the first or second takes are now what form that record. But soon Arthur began to feel that those early sessions were “undercooked and underproduced,” so he turned to legendary drummer Jim Keltner to give them an extra kick. He’s been playing and recording with Keltner and collaborating with other acoustic greats ever since.
Doors at 6pm. Tickets are $15. Online and phone sales close at 5pm.

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Wax w/ Dumbfounded @ Vinyl

Wax is a diverse multi-instrumentalist who first began posting videos of himself rapping and singing on YouTube where he caught the eye of fans and renowned labels such as Def Jam Recordings. Although originally signed with Def Jam, Wax has since parted with them and is currently producing albums on his own indie label. Early this year, he released his second studio album, Continue. Wax’s influences range from all genres of music including Guns N’ Roses, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. In our recent interview with Wax he chats about his recent tour in Europe with Watsky, what tour stops in the US he’s most looking forward to, his popular podcasts, and much more!

Doors at 8pm. Tickets are $15. Online and phone sales close at 4pm.

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Liquor Store w/ GG King @ The EARL 

“Yeah buddy.” Two words that might mean nothing to some, but for true believers of righteous, American-style living, two words that signify a call to arms, a rallying cry of affirmation to all who crave the finest things in life: free pizza, cold beer and lovely ladies. That “yeah buddy” was also the title of Liquor Store’s critically acclaimed debut LP is certainly no coincidence. There is no band operating today that epitomizes those cornerstones upon which all great rock’n’roll is built, no band more ready to haul the half-dead carcass of American rock music upon its shoulders and carry it through the warzone that is 2013’s “music scene” than Northern New Jersey’s finest export, the mighty Liquor Store. They’re taking guitar music out of the garages, basements and bedrooms and are bringing it street level, back to the people and back to the arenas where it belongs. Just like The Dictators, Blue Oyster Cult and Van Halen did before them, Liquor Store delivers the hot rock’n’roll injection all red-blooded American souls crave.

Doors at 9pm. Tickets are $7. Online and phone sales close at 6pm.

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