5GB With Lost In Trees; Playing The Earl, Tonight, June 18th

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Dense clusters of piano, a mysterious sound that might be something being unwrapped, or paper crushed for kindling, and A Church That Fits Our Needs, the second album by North Carolina group Lost In The Trees, is underway, announcing itself as a work of vaulting ambition, a cathedral built on loss and transformation. The hipster collective is at The Earl tonight and they joined us for our 5GB series before their show.

What’s the first gig you ever attended?

Blonde Redhead on the Fake Can Be Just As Good tour.

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed?

I think I’m still waiting for this one šŸ™‚

What is the best gig you have ever seen?

The Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture…..I was not born yet…but the movie is amazing.

What is the gig you would most like to play?

I’d really love to be a part of the MusicNow festival……one day!

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

Thom Yorke, Roger Waters, Jeff Mangum, Shostakovich, and Beethoven.

Catch Lost in Trees, June 18th at The Earl

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