CD Review: CKY — Carver City; Playing The Loft July 31

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CKYCarverCity CKY
Carver City

Roadrunner Records

By Eileen Tilson

It was only last year that the future for CKY (Camp
Kill Yourself) was left uncertain. After a major feud between band mates, there
seemed to be no silver lining for these Pennsylvania boys. Luckily for their
fans, they reignited the passion and dedication they have had for all these
years, and channeled their energy into a project that was left dormant, their
fourth studio album, Carver City.

Always known for their “fright rock,” this album is
centered around the theme of a deceptive seaside city that draws in tourists
with the pretension that it’s a family friendly resort town, though in reality it is
anything but. Carver City is a place where one wouldn't be surprised to
find a dead body under a boardwalk or stumble upon some cursed buried treasure
before being caught in some end of the world war.  Despite this metaphorical
doom, it is very apparent that Deron Miller’s lyrics are his own dose of

The music of Carver City has definitely
progressed from their earlier Jackass video days. Musically, Carver
is filled with the high-voltage speed rock you would expect to hear at
a stunt show, though the lyrics show the deep hidden side of CKY. The band explores the helplessness and loneliness humans experience only when they
have hit rock bottom. The album is filled with negative adjectives, as if they
were prayers for people who feel defeated by contemporary society. The music is
raw and laced with ear-splitting chaos. In the end, this is a triumphant return
for CKY, and it will not be surprising when this lands on every tattoo shop’s
playlist. Their upcoming live show will be a welcoming return for a band whose
fans have been loyal for decades.

CKY Play The Loft on July 31. Tickets are available now at Ticket Alternative.


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