CD Review: Hole — Nobody’s Daughter; Playing The Tabernacle, June 30

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Nobody’s Daughter
Mercury Records

By Ellen Eldridge

It ain’t easy being green, says Kermit the Frog, and those who have followed Courtney Love through the last two decades can rest assured it ain’t easy being Love. From gutter girl to grunge to glam, she has strengthened her backbone on the people who love to hate her.

Hole’s first release, Pretty On The Inside was released nearly 20 years ago, in 1991 and was followed on the heels of Courtney’s husband’s suicide, hauntingly, with Live Thru This in April 1994. Four years later Hole released its third full-length Celebrity Skin, which felt like the much-needed explanation to the rumors that someone else had written Live Thru This.

While many may have simply given up, lost interest or otherwise stopped paying attention, Courtney has persevered through more than 10 former members of Hole. Truthfully, Nobody’s Daughter sounds like a weak attempt to recreate Celebrity Skin. Musically, the dynamics remain very similar in structure and tone which makes sense since, again, Billy Corgan played a major role in writing the album, but, noticeably, Nobody’s Daughter lacks Eric Erlandson’s input. Stand out tracks include “For Once In Your Life,” and the single, “Letter to God” which may just be Love’s most heartfelt and honest song to date, if not on this release. Many of Hole’s songs seem to reflect the tragedy in Courtney’s personal life, but the simple line, “I never wanted to be some kind of comic relief/Please show me who I am,” reflects a sentiment of distaste for the public figure Courtney has become to many who both love and hate her. This fourth release by the brand that is Hole best serves those who genuinely enjoy Love’s distinct vocals and that 90’s grunge guitar feel. Witness the live event tonight at Atlanta’s Tabernacle on Lucky Street.

Hole plays The Tabernacle tonight, June 30.

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