DJ Baby Courageous; Spinning @ Mashable Social Media Day June 27!

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1010790_10151977620925410_912478757_nRene Dellefont aka DJ Baby Courageous is a DJ who started in Gainesville, FL and has moved his way to performing at local venues around Atlanta.

DJ Baby Courageous will be spinning for the second time at Atlanta’s Social Media Day 2013.

Mashable is hosting it’s fourth annual Social Media Day on June 27! The event was launched in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.

We got the chance to speak with Baby Courageous himself about the upcoming Social Media Day event and this is what he had to say…



What got you into DJing?

I actually used to DJ on a pirate radio station in Gainesville, FL so that’s what actually go me into it.

This is your second year playing at the social media event, how was it last year?

It was really a blast, I’m looking forward to it this year! It was at Terminal West last year and the venue was really cool and the event was super fun.

What was the first social media outlet you used?

I’m pretty sure Fotolog was the first social site I used. It was a photo posting community back in the day. After that I joined MySpace (I think I still have an account alive somewhere). Ahhh, the animated profile GIF. One year while visiting Canada a bunch of my friends were talking about this awesome thing called Facebook. It hadn’t quite caught on yet stateside and I remember thinking at the time that it was probably just a Canadian thing or a passing fad. I guess that’s why I DJ instead of predict the next big thing in social media.

How do you make the content you post on your social media outlets more exciting for followers, friends, etc.?

I generally try to be a smartass. Almost nothing I say is without sarcasm or commentary. I look to Neil Hamburger for inspiration.

What outlet do you use first to announce your shows?

I typically go straight to Facebook to post when I am playing out. It seems to be a little more effective but I am trying to also post about them on Twitter.

In your opinion, what artist/musician/band utilizes social media the best?

I don’t follow too many musicians, I mostly follow comedians. For my money I will always get a kick out of Neil Hamburger’s Twitter feed. I mean, he’s America’s “funnyman”. Also, Jon Wurster (drummer for Superchunk and all around hilarious guy) has an awesome feed too. I don’t know if they use the medium the best, they just have some real funny shit to say.

How does social media help you as a DJ connect with your fans and get your music out there?

I only really use Twitter.  I use Facebook more to connect with the location that I play at. It’s easy to tag the location and it shows up on the venue’s wall so it’s easy to get your performances out there and work a little more in my favor than just posting on my own.

How do you connect with a crowd while your DJing?

Deep down I think good music is good music, I usually improvise all my sets and don’t know where I’m starting or ending so I tend to let the crowd and the music take me on that journey. So I use the audience as a guide and I try to play what they are familiar with but also some material that they are not familiar with.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Not really, if I’ve had a long day and plan to perform all night, I’ll have a Red Bull.

If your interested in attending Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day on June 27th check out their website and register.



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