EP Review: The District Attorneys, “Jr.”, Releases Tuesday, December 4th

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By: Shelby Lum

Tomorrow, local Atlanta/Athens band, The District Attorneys, are releasing new material! The Georgia natives have headed back to the studio to record four more songs which will be released tomorrow on their new EP entitled Jr.  You can grab this EP for free off of iTunes or Spotify.

This first track, “Fall Low”, begins this Shins-sounding album.  Now for me, anyone who I can compare to the Shins gets me, and I am sold.  Must we remember Natalie Portman’s very important words in Garden State? “You gotta hear this one song. It’ll change your life, I swear.”  The same holds true for The District Attorneys.  Something about their sound as a whole, just feels different than most music being poured out today.

“King Is Boss”, second on the album has an 80’s feel, similar to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  The old school sound is mixed with their own modern twist.

Turning back to a more indie rock sound with “Stupa”, The District Attorneys slow down the pace (but just a bit) from their other songs.  The vocals quiet up, and it seems like the kind of song that would be playing softly in a movie scene.

“Target Practice” shows off a unique bass line, which comes in strong at the beginning and then fades in as the song develops.  For me, this is the strongest of the tracks.  The lyrics are well written, the vocals are on point, and the sound rounds out with the last track.  Everything came together just right for “Target Practice”.

    I thought that I could change,

    but now I know I shouldn’t think at all. 

    No, I’m just an easy target practice

    I’ve become a lonesome tune

The District Attorneys will be at Smiths Olde Bar this Saturday, December 8th.  Check out their newest tracks being released tomorrow!

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