Interview: Kisses- Playing @ The Drunken Unicorn July 25th!

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Electronic pop duo – Kisses is on tour in support of their new album, “Kids in LA”, out now on Cascine and they’re heading to the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta Thursday, July 25th! Of course, we had to get the scoop on the new album and their exciting tour.

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It seems as though you draw a lot of your inspiration for your music from the LA scene. Is that true? What other things inspire you?

Yes it is true! LA is a vast and complex city that has a lot to offer in terms of inspiration, you just have to find the right place to look. Other cities and ways of life are inspiring. We were just in Japan and walking amongst the tall buildings and polite citizens was a refreshing respite from the US.

You recently released your sophomore album, “Kids in LA”. What makes this album special to you?

For me, music is something that puts you in a time and place. As a result, every album is special because it’s a memory. While “Kids in LA” was written during a little bit darker of a time in my life, it is always great to revisit and see how I was thinking and feeling when writing the music. In addition, the album is special because it has loftier ambitions then our first record. There is a bit of a concept and character studies which were lacking from “The Heart of The Nightlife”.

What has been your most memorable gig thus far?

I always say playing in Brazil in Belo Horizonte with Ladytron. One of the most beautiful theaters we have ever played and such a nice and friendly crowd. Hopefully Atlanta will be just as welcoming!

What is your dream gig? Lineup? Venue?

Maybe playing Coachella or one of the major UK festivals. I wouldn’t care who was playing with us as long as we got to do one of the crazy big stages!

How do you connect with your crowd while playing a show?

I often ramble in between songs. I tend to get interactive with the crowd because that is always the variable in the show. Sometimes we invite them onstage, sometimes we make jokes. It’s a lovely time.

What inspired your band’s name “Kisses”?

It came from a shortening of a family friend’s disco project, “Love + Kisses”. I wanted to pay homage to his work but make the name a bit simpler and more modern.

What are your 3 MUST HAVE things while on the road?

My mock turtlenecks, African belt and white chinos.

What is your ultimate goal for the band?

To never die.

Catch Kisses playing at the Drunken Unicorn with Sealions and The Palace Wolves! Tickets below.

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