Interview: Nico Vega – Playing with Crash Kings at Vinyl July 25th!

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Nico Vega

Nico Vega is a way of life. They are 3 people who play music together and write as a band helping each other develop ideas. The root of the music is the relationship between this trio. Nico Vega is all about collaboration.

Nico Vega represents a modern day saint. She represents people and unity. She fights for all of us and teaches us to fight for each other. She is an idea that has evolved into a message and she fuels us in our bellies.

In 2013, the Los Angeles based band — consisting of singer/lyricist Aja Volkman, guitarist Rich Koehler and drummer Dan Epand – releases their sophomore album.  This album draws from intensely personal experiences and the band’s passion for art and politics to deliver some of the most poignant tunes in recent memory.

We got the chance to speak to Nico Vega about their upcoming album and performances and this is what they had to say!
Your song “Beast” was featured on the trailer for a video game and then your music exploded, what was that like for you guys?

It’s been really nice; it’s been a resurrection for sure for a song that we thought was part of our history. It’s been really great and fun and we’ve all enjoyed this whole new journey, it’s been awesome. It gives you confidence when people believe in what your doing.

What has been one of your most memorable shows?

We played Red Rocks not too long ago with Imagine Dragons and that was an incredible setting and a day I’ll never forget.

If you could play at any venue with anyone, who would it be with and where would you play?

I guess I would want to play with The White Stripes if they were to come back together and I’d want it to be at Red Rocks.

You guys are releasing an album in the near future, how is this album going to be different than your first full-length album?

Everything we do is different from everything else we do. Anyone who knows the band really well won’t say it’s out of left field because they know how we are and the way that we write but at the same time if someone’s looking for something like the first record that’s not what they are going to find with the second one. I would say some of it is a little more poppy but there is some obscure stuff as well. I think it’s a great record.

When you guys are playing a live show, how do you guys connect with your audience?

I am extremely intimate with people, I like intimate settings even more than big stages most of the time. But that is also not true because I like to move around a lot. I like to connect with people by being honest with my work.

What are three things that you absolutely have to bring with you while being on tour?

My baby, that’s the most important thing. I also really like dark chocolate and then I would say I have to have a toothbrush. Three things I cannot live without.

What are three songs that you have had on repeat recently?

I always play that song “Open” off the album Woman by Rhye. I do put that song on repeat all the time for Arrow (my baby). There is also a song called “Joshua Giraffe” by Raffi- total kids song but it’s the coolest kid song you’ve ever heard and it’s really creative. I keep that on repeat and I laugh every time I listen to it. My third one is Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. I can listen to that song 100 times in a row and I can turn it up and it puts me in a trance.

As you guys have grown as a band, have you guys had any strange fan encounters?

Last night, there was a fight out front and some people couldn’t get into the show. They had gotten inside but tried to sneak something in and the bouncers pulled them out and this girl started going crazy. This girl actually bit the bouncer and started kicking him. The cops had to come and it was awful. Crazy stuff happens all the time but for the most part people are pretty loving and cool.

What is your ultimate goal for the band? 

Oh man, just really love what we are doing and enjoy each other. That’s all I could ever ask for.

Promised to be a stellar show, don’t miss out on Nico Vega performing at Vinyl on July 25th alongside Crash Kings. Secure your tickets below!

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