Interview with Penidean of Natural Vibrations playing at Smiths Olde Bar on Tuesday, March 12th

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14714_10151364303953103_1853304468_nBy: Shelby Lum

When you think of reggae music, usually you think of Jamaica, but a different island is beginning to take a own hold on the genre.

Natural Vibrations, a reggae band, are Hawaii natives who have been playing and bringing the “aloha spirit” to anyone who listens to their music.

“We actually could relate to the Jamaican culture because island culture all around the world is practically the same,” said vocalist Penidean Pua’aull.

He admitted it may be a cliché, but the band’s first encounter with the genre was through listening to a lot of Bob Marley.

“It wasn’t until the reggae artists started coming over and doing concerts in the state of Hawaii,” said Pua’aull. “That was when everyone started getting a feel for reggae music.”

For Natural Vibrations, reggae music was not so much a departure from what they knew, but reflective of the Hawaiian culture.

“It seemed to be a cultural sound with the Hawaiian culture. It wasn’t so different,” he said of reggae music.

In the past Natural Vibrations have kept to the beaches of the west coast and Hawaii, but recently the band has expanded to a nationwide tour, meaning east coast fans will finally get the chance to see “Natty Vibes” live.

The band saw it as the right time to tour the rest of the nation, after having been together for well over a decade. “It would be the perfect time to go and tour the rest of the beach and spread the aloha sprit to the rest of the nation,” said Pua’aull.

After talking with Pua’aull, it was clear he, along with the rest of Natural Vibrations really does want to spread their music. He is determined to have the rest of the nation hear the band’s music, as well as the new take on reggae that has an extra Hawaiian flare.

Natural Vibrations has also worked with the some of the industries top artists including Prince, 311, Jack Johnson, and Ziggy Marley.

Playing with that range of musicians has given the band a unique mix, and has helped shape their music. “All the other artists have helped mold our style to what it is today,” he said.

Pua’aull said their show at Smiths Olde Bar will be Natural Vibrations first time playing in Georgia.

“We are excited to get out there and see what Georgia has to offer and to see what style they also have,” the vocalist said.

Natural Vibrations is scheduled to play at Smiths Olde Bar on Tuesday, March 12th.

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