Interview with Penn of Last Good Tooth playing The EARL 5/6

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421404_302970553128185_640948574_nBy: Shelby Lum

If you happen to stumble into an Atlanta diner full of a group of goofy musicians on Monday, you might have found Last Good Tooth‘s hang out for their Atlanta tour stop.

While touring the country, Last Good Tooth likes to find a cheap diner to settle down in, and get a taste of the city they are passing through.

“We get up. We usually go to a cheap diner, and then we hit the road and then get to the next place we are going and then hang out at the venue for a really long time,” said Penn Sultan. “We like to go to country diners that are cheap and weird.”

For a band who usually only gets to see the inside of the tour van and the walls inside a venue, hitting a local diner is usually the only real glimpse of a city they get.

“It’s hard to be on tour because you never get to see any of the cities you go to,” Penn said.

Last Good Tooth is out of New York City, but isn’t the typical type of band you would associate with New York. Unpretentious, the finger plucking songs have a sense of nostalgia, and art to the subtle tone. As down to earth as the band sounds though, Penn said most of the members are pretty goofy.

“I think (performing is) naturally goofy,” he said.

But Last Good Tooth’s performances are known to be a completely different experience as well. The band is very live show orientated, and recorded its last record live, Penn said.

“We did the record live, so I think we have a lot of energy. We are also pretty goofy. We like to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously,” he said.

Last Good Tooth has found a unique balance between all of the members, and their individual talents.

“Everybody has got a unique thing,” Penn said. “So when you have four different unique things it’s kind of awesome.”

The fun loving members of Last Good Tooth will be hitting Atlanta for the first time, so don’t miss this opportunity to see the goofy and energetic live shows yourself.

Last Good Tooth will be opening for Brown Bird on Monday, May 5th. 

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