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Last Friday night, 3/21, I got a chance to stop by Vinyl to catch one of my new favorite breakout bands live for the first time, Little Daylight. I had interviewed one of the band members, Eric, a few weeks back and was so intrigued by the group that I knew I had to see what all the fuss was about when they came through Atlanta on the fourth stop of the Three of Clubs Tour with Terraplane Sun and Flagship.

Little Daylight kicked off the night with the first set beginning at 8:30 p.m. All three bands rotate the coveted headlining set time every show, but luckily LD was awesome enough to tweet back at me and keep me in the loop to make sure I made it to the venue in time for their set. Unfortunately with a packed out Southern Soul Assembly show next door combined with people’s inability to correctly service the pay to park kiosks, I finally straggled into Vinyl at 8:45 p.m. fairly defeated by my tardiness and having to miss the band’s opening songs.

Immediately my frazzle seemed to float away as I was transfixed by LD’s smooth yet catchy sound and the delicate vocals of their femme fatal, Nikki Taylor. Nikki, Matt, Eric, and Ernesto (who I believe only sits in on live shows) owned the stage, maybe even overpowering it. Their sound is killer and needed a larger venue to compliment it, but nonetheless there was something nostalgic and comforting about the smaller more intimate setting that served them that night.

Little Daylight’s sound and vibes left you with a contagious smile on your face and an involuntarily and uncontrollable toe tapping that only desisted at the closing of a song. There were only a handful of people in the crowd who had made it out in time for the first set, most of which were probably still in high school. In fact mid-set Nikki began introducing the next song Name In Lights and segwayed into facilitating a prom proposal between two kids at the front of the stage. He said yes, and it was kind of adorable. Also props to the girl for stepping up and asking her man.

I could have listened to LD for the rest of the night. Their music truly transports you to a whole other world where steady electro beats and vocals that pierce your soul are all that matters. I recognized their hit Overdose, and was shocked that it sounded even better live than it did on the recording. The crowd clapped along and knew every word, and you could tell the excitement by the band to witness their fan base expanding before their eyes. Little Daylight had amazing vibes, on stage chemistry, and certain flow to their music that was so different and refreshing than anything I had heard before. I eagerly look forward to watching their careers take off. Little Daylight is set to release their debut album via Capitol Records this year, and be sure to download their Tunnel Vision EP now on iTunes!

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