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I like year end "Best of" lists. When I was in the radio business we used to think of every excuse possible to have a countdown of some sort, and they always went over big with the audience. People either loved our choices, or hated them, but at the end of the day they were listening, which is what we wanted.
The problem I have with lists is that they're usually quite predictable, especially the year end "top albums" lists that begin pouring in right about now. Unless you're my friend Ben, whose list includes bands that even the editors at Pitchfork haven't heard of (I'm talking Finnish orchestral ensembles and stuff), chances are your list will include at least a few of the same bands that are gracing several others' top picks. This of course, is fine, but I wanted to change it up a bit this year so I made my picks based on what I do for a living.
So with that I give you….
"The Top Six Albums of the Year by Bands Not Signed to A Major or A Major Indie Label"
Before I get started, it should be noted that instead of numbering, I've decided to letter the albums as I honestly don't have an opinion, or care about who should be number one, two, three, etc. This is just a list of bands who, in my opinion, put out the best records of the year.

A. Ezra Furman and The Harpoons "Inside The Human Body"
For fans of The Violent Femmes, The Hold Steady, and Bob Dylan
Stand Out Tracks–Take Off Your Sunglasses, We Should Fight

B. School Of Seven Bells "Alpinisms"
For fans of My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Chairlift, MGMT, and Brooklyn in general
Stand Out tracks–Connjur, Half Asleep

C. Death On Two Wheels "Separation of Church and fate"
For fans of Foo Fighters, Credance Clearwater Revival
Stand Out Tracks–Calling Us All Back Home, Better Way

D. Jessica Tonder "The Robot and the Little Girl"
For fans of Portishead, Duffy, Massive Attack
Stand Out Tracks–Art of War, Detox

E. All get Out  "All get Out" EP
For Fans of Weezer, old Fountains of Wayne
Stand Out Tracks–Water and God, Coach Connor

F. Girl Talk "Feed the Animals"
For fans of literally everything, especially rock and hip-hop
Stand Out Tracks–Don't Stop, What It's All About


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  1. teamluis says:

    Great list – I’m really digging Ezra Furman.
    Jessica Tonder at Smiths Jan 19!!

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