Picture Book and Review: Jill Andrews @ Eddie’s Attic, December 2nd

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Photos and Review by Joy Asico

On a breezy Sunday evening in Decatur, Georgia – Eddie’s Attic was graced by the lovely Jill Andrews. Opening for Jill was the solo singer/songwriter Moses Atwood whose vocals felt like it was dug from deep within and perfected by his acoustic guitar. The intimate session was a great interlude for Jill and the exciting set she had planned.

As Jill and her band tuned their instruments on stage, the rest of the crowd trickled in and filled the room. Jill strummed her guitar and began with “Sweetest in the Morning” with her warm voice lingering way after the last riff. “You can tell me to stay…and I’ll stay” is the last line of that hauntingly beautiful song. The set just started and already the crowd was mesmerized.

Clad in her sockless boots and new brunette hair color, Jill Andrews felt comfortable on stage as she easily spoke to the crowd. She immediately jumped in to comment on her sweaty boots due to the lost bag of socks. The friendly banter was a great break in-between the heavier and intensely riveting lyrics. Songs such as “Always Be Sorry” and “I’m Not Ok” focused on the dark times and those impending moments of life. The latter is one of Andrews’ newest songs and she sang a heartbreaking – but eloquently done – version of it.

In an answer to fighting for what you believe in and working through those moments, Jill wrote a song about marriage called “Sound of the Bells”. The song sounded well but unfortunately Andrews was not impressed. She stopped mid-song and asked the band to start all over again. “It started off good and then the middle part sucked,“ she said. “Kind of like marriage…” one of her band members blurted out. The crowd laughed at the band’s comedic timing. It was more impressive to see Jill focused on the quality of the song rather than just getting through it. The second attempt went splendidly and worth the revision.

Jill Andrews is a quality artist. From her days with the band The Everybodyfields, her solo career has flourished with a fan base growing every day. Her first full-length album “The Mirror” received praise from both critics and fans alike. It was a pleasure seeing Andrews play songs from her album along with many songs not found anywhere else…yet. Fans cannot wait on what Jill Andrews will come up with next.

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