Picture Book & Live Review: CounterPoint Music Festival Day 2, Friday September 28th

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Day two of Counter.Point started a bit rough. With the weather being somewhat hurricane-esq, a few sets were cancelled due to the entire festival needing to be evacuated.  Regardless of the chaotic clouds that were looming over the farm grounds, the amazingly fresh new festival began again around 4:30 with a super fun set by Washed out on the main “Counterpoint Stage.”

Don’t let the “Portlandia” crazes distract you from Washed Out’s music. The local band has made phenomenal stribes in popularity because of their contagious mixture between electro-pop and low-fi indie vibes.  Their set was easily one of my favorites of Friday as they played songs from their 2011 debut “ Within and Without.’

Following them after was rapper, Atmosphere on the “Point” stage. Even though I’m not familiar with Atmosphere’s music, he without a doubt had the crowd’s support with his flow and catchy choruses. Before heading over to Crystal Castles, I made sure to check out “MiMOSA.” The Brooklyn based DJ brought down the “Beat” Tent with amazing remixes and mash ups that had the festivalgoers going insane.

Crystal Castles is definitely a name is the electronic music world that everyone knows. With their self made Internet fame and rave style almost “punk” songs, I knew they were an act that I couldn’t miss.  Lead singer, Alice Glass, is not a performer you can miss. Her stage presence is one in a million. It’s completely energetic and all over the place. Half the time, I didn’t even know what she was singing, but I loved it.

M83’s cancellation left me a bit down in the dumps, but instead of focusing on the negatives I jumped around from stage to stage checking out at least one song per act until AVICII and Bassnectar took the main stages. Bassnectar’s set was filled with all brand new spins that left the crowd deliciously confused as they listened to one of the biggest names in the game play music they weren’t familiar with.

Without a doubt, dancing is infectious. While I may not be the biggest fan of DJs, dance music or the Dubstep genre, I found myself enjoying every second I spent at Counter.Point.  May the end of the night I was covered in mud and sweat and I felt just at home!

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