Picture Book & Live Review: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals @ the Tabernacle, October 6th

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Pictures and Review by Taylor Wallace!

You could tell instantly upon entrance to the Tabernacle off Luckie St. that this would be no ordinary Grace Potter show. Every seat in both balconies was occupied and the floor was packed full of fans of all ages.  Grace tends to bring together a very joyful and energetic group of people that seem to all enjoy each other’s company through out the night. With that being said the crowd was ready for the show to begin… and well, Grace did not disappoint.

Opening with a couple of her newer tracks “The Lion The Beast The Beat” and “Turntable” her stage presence is instantly captivating to both male and female patrons alike.  It’s always fun to watch an artist with so many talents like Grace Potter. She seamlessly moves from the acoustic guitar, to the piano, back to the electric guitar all while dancing around the stage in at least 3 inch heels!  Long story short she knows how to put in a good show.


In the Middle of her set she began joking around with the crowd a bunch and even opened up the floor to yelling out requests that she then agreed to take them up on!  The set also included a few covers such as Gillian Welch’s “Elvis Presely Blues” and Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?”  Overall the opening and middle sections were very intimate and emotion filled. This would all come to a peak in the ending selections of “Nothing but the Water pt. I & II” and the crowd favorite “Medicine.”  This is when Grace kicks off her heals and every member of the band gathers around drummer “Matt Burr’s” kit, all grabbing a drum stick or two and going to town!  What a way to close out the set.

Right when you think she’s done Grace comes back out and does a double encore, really showing the crowd that it’s all about them that night and how much she appreciates the love filling that old church.  Closing out the night with a lovely version of “Paris” and ending with “Stop the Bus” everybody was able to leave the “Tabby” completely satisfied.

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