Preakness to Play Their (Possibly) Last Show @ The EARL, January 29

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We just noticed a little message on Preakness leader Brandon Arnold's FaceBook page, heralding the possible end of one of Atlanta's loveliest local bands:

some of you may have heard, we're taking a break. Perhaps a prolonged
break. Perhaps a forever break. A break nonetheless.

just call it our last show. At the very least, it will be the last time
we play a lot of these songs. Sometimes it's time to call it a day. We
happen to be calling it b/c
Matt's moving to New Awlin's. Or so we think…one thing's for sure. We
will never, ever play "Air Traffic Controller" again. Ever

yes, it's very, very important that every one of you show up at the
EARL this Friday night. You won't regret it. Our very good friends in
Social Studies and Whale Fall will be helping to send us off. They are
very good excellent happy face music as well.

Lots of fun stuff
in store, discounts on merch…a highlights reel. Conan will MC*, and
everyone will win the lottery**, so there. Why would you miss it?



* not true
** even more not true

The Preakness plays The EARL Friday, January 29. Tickets are on sale at Ticket Alternative.

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