Q & A with Psychedubasaurus REX; Playing Hijacking Music Festival at 529, Saturday, Dec 8

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Psychedubasaurus REX will be part of Hijacking Music Festival this weekend at 529. Guitarist, David Carter, took the time to talk with us at AMG before the festival! Here is the interview below.

How did you come up with your band name?
If I remember correctly, the first iteration of the name came to us after the first jam session we had, partly as a joke for how huge the sound was and it just kind of stuck and morphed into what it is now.  It actually started out even longer than it currently is, Psychedelidubasaurus rex I believe.  With the large rotating cast of musicians and huge wall of sound we put, I can’t imagine another name representing us any better.

What is the strangest thing a fan has done for you? or at your show?
I can’t recall any strange fan moment, but we had a very interesting and inspiring gig last year.  We played in front of a group of kids at the goat farm for a non-profit organization called One Love Generation.  They basically have a few weekly classes for children where local artists come in and mentor them in creative areas they are normally not exposed to.  They set up a few tables for the children outside and we played in front of them while they were instructed to paint based on the music we played.  It was a great experience to be a part of that and really cool to see what they came up with during our set.

What is your favorite gig you have ever attended?
I don’t think I could name an all time favorite, but I can definitely name a game changer.  I believe it was 2003 and I was a tad late discovering The Mars Volta.  They had already played in Atlanta and Athens before I even heard of them and by the time I became a full fledged fan the closest they were playing was Indianapolis opening for A Perfect Circle.  So a group of friends and I decided to take a road trip and catch them there.  It was definitely worth the drive.  I had never seen so much energy on stage before.  I love A Perfect Circle too, but even as a headliner with a fancy light and visual show they were no match for the sheer raw power The Mars Volta displayed that night.

What was the best gig you have ever played?
Last year we played this small festival in Wilmington, NC.  It was just a great all around experience.  We hung out at the beach before we played, then played a great set and the crowd was really into it.  At the end of the night we heard Jimmy Chamberlain(Smashing Pumpkins) was talking about having seen our drummer Sarah Wilson playing. We went outside and got to meet him and hang for a bit, which was awesome.

Any pre-show rituals you can’t go on stage without doing?
Of course, but that is a Psychedubasecret 😉
Go see them at Highjacking Music Festival this weekend at 529!

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