Read What the Nominated Artists of the Georgia Music Awards Have to Say – Showcases Leading up to June 16 Main Event at Buckhead Theatre

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By Ellen Eldridge

The Georgia Music Awards brings recognition to the hard-working artists and bands in the local area – artists who remain dedicated to self-promotion and who rally fans to support the scene. The categories represent a cross section of genres to showcase all the talent in the Georgia area. Read the quotes from the nominated artists and don’t forget to vote for your favorites at
Before the main event, scheduled to take place on June 16 at The Buckhead Theatre, showcases for the different genres will take place. The rock and alternative showcase goes on tonight at Tavern 99. Buy tickets from to see Death is a Dialogue, Davin McCoy, Paris Luna & Company, Blind By Sight, The Sexual Side Effects (also nominated with a handful of artists including hard rock band Throatpunch for the Xfinity Video Award Contest) and more. Below are the quotes from these bands on what the Georgia Music Awards nomination means to them and what opportunities have arisen since the nomination:

“We have been working tirelessly day in and day out over the last year
and a half to build the band locally and on a national scale. There is
a huge struggle and financial sacrifice made in effectively promoting,
touring, and managing a band on top of the talent you have developed.
Getting nominated for ‘Best Alternative Act’ at the awards really hits
home with us; it’s a vindication that all of our hard work is paying
off. Being recognized by the industry for your talent and hard work is a
lifelong goal for all musicians and we are deeply touched by this
honor.”-Amber Taylor, The Sexual Side Effects

“Since being nominated, the GA Music Awards has made us more focused more determined, and that has helped us become closer to our fans. Win or Lose, Blind By Sight is talking the necessary steps to push their music to the next level and beyond….”-Scott Sutton, Blind By Sight

“The nomination means a lot to me because we have really toured GA extensively and the surrounding areas. It’s good to be noticed in the area that you’re from and have played heavily. I’ve lived in GA all my life, I think the GA Music awards are a great organization put together by true believers in music.”Jason Lee, Death is a Dialogue

The hard rock machine that is Throatpunch will play at its own showcase on Saturday May 26. Throatpunch has been around Atlanta for about five years and longer with its members stemming from previous projects including Manic. Fans of Chimaira and the sound of breaking bones will enjoy cathartic evenings in the mosh pit with these monsters. This band tirelessly promotes itself and is currently in the running to appear at both the Warped and Mayhem Festival tours in the Atlanta area. They are also one of bands nominated for the GA Music Awards Video Award through Xfinity; their video can be seen on Comcast On Demand.

“Winning this award would mean a lot to us, but… wouldn’t say it all. The fans that listen to our music-mean the most, than the award itself” If it weren’t for the fans we wouldn’t have this opportunity. We are honored to be a part of Georgia Music History. Since our nomination several of our band members have been asked to be in other projects. We have been bombarded with promoters asking us to do shows in and out of state and we’ve been offered two record deals. Thank you to Omar McCallop and his team for honoring Georgia’s Music Scene.”-Vic Ferla, Throatpunch

The GA Music Awards Country/Americana/Bluegrass Nominee Concert at Peachtree Tavern takes place on May 31st at Peachtree Tavern, brought by GA Music Awards, CBM Records, Peachtree Tavern & Orange Amps. The artists include: The Big Money Band, East Dixie Boys, Neil Cribbs, Tyler Bates, Reluctant Saints, Angela Reign, The Train Wrecks, Honey Blue, Runnin Wild Band. RSVP on Facebook  and read what some of these artists have to say about their nominations:

“Georgia, in general, has welcomed me and my music with open ears. The fact that the Georgia Music Awards has nominated me for Best Americana Act further solidifies the integrity and confidence that residents and musicians alike have in independent and local music.”Neil Cribbs

“When I saw on Facebook that we were nominated for the best country band in the Georgia Music Awards, I was speechless. The whole band was in the clouds; it is a very great honor to have this nomination. The Big Money band has already seen bigger and better gigs since being nominated. We would love to come back to Savannah with this title, but if not it’s a great honor just to have the nomination. Thanks to all our fans, and the GA Music Awards for doing this!”Robert Crosby, The Big Money

The GA Music Awards R&B and Hip Hop Nominee Concert is scheduled to take place on June 8th at Gold Room brought by GA Music Awards, Leighala Management, CBM Records & Gold Room. Artists include: Chi Chi Diva, Christina Quinones aka Tyna Q. Hanan, Kazul, King Malachi, New Kerds, Norwood, Siergio, Sheryl Boyd, Samantha Falk, Steven Knight, Te’Char, Tocarra, Xavier Lewis, YNCK. RSVP on Facebook

“To be recognized for your talent in a city that has birthed most of the top musical artists of our time is an honor that I will wear always.” Tocarra Hamilton, Singer/Songwriter

“The GA Music Awards is very organized and the management is wonderful. Christi, Omar, and Kimberly have all been great to work with. The nominees are the best in Georgia. I’m so excited to attend the GA Music Awards and to see everyone.”Colt Chambers, Best Youth Country Artist

“The Georgia Music Awards has provided an opportunity for me to get great coverage and support from all over… not just Savannah or even Georgia… people are voting from everywhere… and Everyone wants to dress me and provide jewelry for me.. I am not used to that…makes me feel like a rock star…This has been an amazing and humbling experience.”Ginger Fawcett, nominated for the best Female Rock Vocalist

The power really is in the hands of the fans who have connected to these artists so don’t forget to check out all the nominated acts at these showcases and vote for your favorites at Buy tickets to the Awards show at The Buckhead Theatre from Ticket Alternative.

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