Rumor Alert: Joaquin Phoenix @ Lenny’s Tonight!

[ 2 ] February 27, 2009 |

We're not sure if we should still be calling it a rumor, since it's on Lenny's MySpace page, but tonight we're supposed to welcome into this city, onto Lenny's stage, none other than Joaquin Phoenix. He'll be rapping along side the likes of Yelawolf, Brittany Bosco, Priceless, Young Trimm, Killer Mike, Pill,
Gripplyaz, Collective Efforts, Wheeler Boys, and Animal House. Tickets are only $5, which is a bargain without the possible "performance" of Mr. Phoenix.

UPDATE: Aaaaaand we're being told it's, coincidentally, all a hil-ar-ious hoax:

Not massively surprising, we say.

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  1. mayor says:

    hmmmm…. sounds like a clever hoax to get people to actually come to Lenny’s. It’s actually a good show with or without Joaquin, though.
    Black Lips is sold out, so not a bad plan B for 5bux.

  2. Iain Bluett says:

    i’m thinking the same thing – is a great show without some weirdo beardo attempting to rap!

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