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Soldier of Love

Sony Music

By Eric Chavez

Good music is like good sex, when it’s good, it lasts, and when it’s bad, you want it over, yesterday. On that thought, Sade’s new album Soldier of Love delivers the best lovemaking music since, well, her last record, Lover’s Rock. It’s been nearly a decade since then, leading many fans to rely on other Sade classics such as Love Deluxe and Diamond Life for fulfill their desires for sensual sounds.

Soldier of Love outshines all records out there from the past five years, easily. Sade has come back as a strong soldier, both lyrically and musically. There’s a common theme of love and war in the album, yet the songs on the disc give nothing but feelings of peace. As a songwriter, Sade Adu flows freely in a poetic path. No matter what Sade sings about, though, her vocals arouse all senses.With all its erotic heat, Soldier of Love has plenty of tracks to add to the list of late-night love affair classics. Every Sade record has its songs for the seduction (“Love is Stronger Than Pride”), the afterglow (“Kiss of Life”) and the in-between (“No Ordinary Love”), and Soldier of Love satisfies any need.

For the Seduction: Like the anticipation music fans have felt waiting for this new Sade record, a handful of the tracks on Soldier of Love help build up the momentum. The singer seduces sweetly with “Babyfather” and “Bring Me Home.” “Morning Bird,” though a bit dark for Sade, still exudes the feelings of a first kiss in the dark.

For the In-Between: Candles dripping, all that’s missing is the music.  “Soldier of Love” with it’s thrusting beats, commands attention.” The Moon and the Sky” and “Long Hard Road” heat things up in their passionate rhythms and the climax of the record, “Skin” goes deep into the lustful groove.

For the Afterglow: After all is said and done, and you lie there in the stillness, songs such as “Be That Easy” and “In Another Time” comfort the soul and ease the mind. The album’s closer, “The Safest Place” breathes new life into the love song and creates the feeling of a lover’s embrace in the moon glow.

For all its worth, Soldier of Love makes for a strong album laced with eroticism. The record should actually come with satin sheets. Even the morning after the first time listening to the album, just the thought of the beats sends tingles through you. The words inspire and the music hypnotizes. An album that feels like it will last; Soldier of Love hits all the right spots.

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  1. Eduardo Mejia says:

    Great article , I really enjoyed readig it. I love Sase and her new album is awsome.

  2. Ashley says:

    Wow, this writer really likes to compare things to sex! The seduction, the afterglow…Very sensual article

  3. Afroqueen says:

    I love this article…….very well written, and interesting throughout! It makes me want to go out and buy the CD. Good Job!

  4. Eric Acevedo says:

    Wow this article is breath-taking and amazing! I absolutely loved every single sentence in it and it definitely comes and goes beyond the standards of the dannii article! A job well done and your new masterpiece unveiled!!!

  5. Juan Aguirre says:

    That’s so u!! Loves it

  6. Niki Maita says:

    LOVE IT! You are such a wonderful writer Eric! I totally agree with all that you said and love how you related her albums to sex…just the way I do. I have been listening to it on repeat since I downloaded it. haha

  7. Glen Downie says:

    That is so good! Im actually downloading the album now! So pleased for you! I know I owe you an email, so you’ll get it soon!

    I love that the sites free single is VV Brown, my favourite singer to come out last year!!!!

  8. Vanessa C. says:

    Eric I LOVE LOVE LOVE that article! You said it all perfectly!

  9. Giovanni Nieves says:


  10. Jose says:

    Chavez, omg this is such good article. I love to read it and I think it’s nice and sexy!
    I want to buy the cd now, maybe I can find it one day. I don’t know.
    People out there should read the article to know what the CD is about.
    Eres la reina!!

  11. Ayana says:

    awesome writing skills Rico! good job! better than the one you showed me!

  12. ILH says:

    Wonderful article! Love your way of writing! so sultry! love it!

  13. Mike says:

    Wooo…very sultry article! haha! gives me some ideas chavez! thanks!

  14. Luis says:

    I don’t know too much about sade but this is a great review! very sexual!

    good job

  15. alejandro says:

    i love that song, what is it? smooth operator! makes me wanna dance. i like the article to erick

    where are ur other stuff?

  16. Victoria says:

    I don’t know which article is the sexiest! well done!!

  17. John says:

    nice. this article is VERY well written. very different for an alt. music website blog..but i actually love’s both professional and creative, yet still fits into the “blog” genre…

  18. Saul says:

    YO-diz izzz good!

  19. Shay says:

    This is a smooooooth article! haaha! love it!

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