Sea Wolf- SOLD OUT @ Eddie’s Attic, January 17

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Seawolf7By: Molly Free

After surviving the first (and most depressing) week back from the holidays, and an Atlanta freeze, it was nice to get out to Eddie’s Attic for some live music. I’d like to think that most of my evenings spent at Eddie’s are always great because of the storytelling. However, I must say that this Friday night’s Sea Wolf show took that storytelling to another level.

Opening for Sea Wolf was eclectic singer/songwriter, Adron, aka Adrienne McCann. She was accompanied by her percussionist, Colin Agnew, who had a Mary Poppins-like bag full of percussion instruments including jingle bells, wind chimes, and a kick drum. The combination of non-musical objects and her angelic-like voice creates a beach like hymn sound. Their five-song set reminded me of a playlist I would definitely like to wake up to every morning and make my coffee. I appreciated Adrienne’s songwriting, especially the love songs. The highlight for me was “Your Habitat”, a love song with 70’s inspired sound. Adron’s full-length album Organismo is available now.

Sea Wolf took the stage sans band, for an acoustic solo night with Alex Brown Church. I had never seen the band nor Alex live before so I was interested to finally get the chance to listen, and of all places my favorite living room, Eddie’s. I was in for a treat, as Church took storytelling to an entire new level on Friday night. Church had a way of painting a picture in his songs. His voice reminded me of something old, like a Cat Stevens or Neil Young; yet also had a sound like something I have yet to hear. A highlight of the show for me was his Q&A with the audience. A man to my right inquired about his film studies and how that complimented his songwriting. It was as if that audience member read my mind because Church was literally creating cinematic stories of nature, winter coastlines, love, and animals. Church compared his music to being like a director engaging in telling a story. Songs of note for me included: “Blue Stockings” which I strongly appreciated the fact that only a man would refer to a woman’s tights as stockings; “Priscilla”; “Leaves in the River” which is about meeting a girl dressed like pink Power Ranger on Halloween; and “Orion & Dog”. Church told us about the bands upcoming record that would be a more stripped down sound for the band, with a limited capacity release. Church played two songs to be featured on the upcoming album, including “Young Bodies” and “Ram’s Head”.

For my first weekend out since the holidays and city freeze, I left Eddie’s very satisfied, full, and warm from an evening of successful storytelling.

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