The Earl and 529 Introduce the Village Pass, Not for the Village Idiot!

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By Gini Strobel
Photo of The N.E.C.

Tell me if this happens to you! You’re out at a great show, the headliner is wrapping up their final song, the music stops, reality steps in, your buzz is teetering, and you’re left to figure out a couple of things. Naturally, this creates a debate with you and your friends. Do you keep the drinks flowing at your current establishment? Maybe, bar hop? Or do you head home and relish in the fact that you’ll probably be hangover-free tomorrow? Let’s kill that last question because it sounds boring….

Forget the debate! The Earl and 529 have packaged a great solution to this annoying debacle. They have introduced the Village Pass (as in East Atlanta Village). You get 2 shows with headliners at 2 local East Atlanta venues for 1 awesome discounted price! I feel like I need a sound effect for this!

This Saturday, August 4th, you can catch The N.E.C. (psychedelic rock band, voted by Paste Magazine as an Atlanta Band to Watch) with Soft Opening at The Earl, and Order of the Owl (decidedly metal with some classic rock influences) with Spirits and the Melchizedek Children at 529. The N.E.C. will go on a little before midnight (Earl), and Order of the Owl will hit the 529 stage around 12:30. So if you’re a bigger “Owl” fan then you may want to duck out of The Earl a few minutes early. The timing will get better through the coming weeks, so please be patient folks! You’re getting into 2 venues for a great price.

Busy this weekend? You will have another opportunity to try out the Village Pass on Monday, August 13th, but this time it’s a different vibe. The Earl will host honkey-tonk, country artist, Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock with Cletis and his City Cousins, while 529 will host country singer, Johnny Corndawg. These are not your CMT type of country artists. These guys are more raw and classic. The timing for these shows goes like this, Wayne Hancock goes on stage at 10pm at The Earl and then you can jump over to 529 and catch Johnny Corndawg at 11:30…

So, make a night of it! Check out some new music, save a few bucks, and avoid the “end of the show” debate… Stay tuned for more Village Pass options, as The Earl and 529 hope to offer this opportunity regularly.

Word to the Village Genius, snag these passes now because they are limited!

Saturday, August 4th Village Pass with The N.E.C. and Order of the Owl

Monday, August 13th Village Pass with Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock and Johnny Corndawg

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