The Love Language Will Be Charming Their Way Into Your Hearts on March 16 @ The EARL

[ 0 ] February 23, 2009 |

We've been falling in love with this band more than just a little bit and whatever language they're using, we're understanding it loud and clear. OK enough with the play-on-words. Uplifting in a non-tedious and over-enthusiastic way, The Love Language play that kind of tambourine-shaking, melodic guitar indie pop rock that is infectious and endearing but not overbearing. Think of them as a more low-key, low-fi version of MGMT, sans guitars. Or a harmonious, folk-pop tribute to Gram Parsons. Either way, whether they're shaking a leg or sitting back and reminiscing, The Love Language's honest way of singing and playing, with no reservations, will win you over and make you love them. Check out the video above for "Providence" to get a taste.

The band plays with Let's Wrestle and Sealions on March 16 at The EARL. Tickets are available here.

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