Trances Arc Launch Kickstarter Campaign For New Record; Playing The EARL, February 19

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We got a great message from the guys of Trances Arc, who are trying to release their next fab record. They're going to be using Kickstarter to raise money from their fans to get the record into the hands of the eagerly-awaiting public. Kickstarter has helped many a local indie band, such as Attractive Eighties Women and Allison Weiss, get the funds to make a new record or get another venture going, and we can't wait to see this one turn out some great results. Get to giving!

Here's the message:

Hi friends and
I wanted to spread the word about
a little campaign my band Trances Arc has started that you can be a part of to
help us release our new album this Spring/Summer.


We are putting
the finishing touches on our latest release and it's truly our finest work, to
date. Unfortunately, the recording industry isn't very hospitable these days,
and in many cases musicians are left to fend for ourselves, promote our own
shows and fund our own records. So, our new record, "TA," is ready for the world
to hear, but needs a little help, your help to get it released into the


Get to know the


Please help us make this record a
Here's how it works.
You can pledge your donation here:


will not only be able to directly assist in making this new record, you will
also have access to EXCLUSIVE Trances Arc studio roughs, b-sides, video posts,
blogs, and photos… Oh, and you also get to download the record once it's


For those of you who
can dig deeper into your pockets, we're offering some killer big prizes such
as the actual guitars used in the making of the record, signed original
album artwork, and private performances (yes, we will come to YOUR house and put
on a private show for you & your friends)


SOOOO, head on over and check out a few
songs you can download for FREE…. get a little taste of what you'll have
access to when you pledge. The songs are called "Fuego Balloons" and "Black
Lung." If you like what you hear, you can also download our recent EP, "Radians"

 Thank you so much, in advance, for your
consideration. Any help you can lend is so greatly appreciated!

Trances Arc play The EARL February 19. Tickets are on sale now at Ticket Alternative.

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