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So? What did you think of the Olympic opening ceremonies? I actually didn’t get to see them, but it seems a bit unfair when you can roll out a Beatle to close the deal! But, here at Ticket Alternative, we LOVE Great Britain and all things jacket potato, so of course we will be glued to our TV’s. However, if you would like a break from watching the half-dressed Olympians, here are some music suggestions:

-Referred to as ‘Appalachian Royalty‘ by some, Jesco White is best known as ‘The Dancing Outlaw’. Taking the shoes that were handed down to him from his father D Ray White (one of the greatest mountain tap dancers in the United States), Jesco practices a style of dancing that is a subtle mix of tap and clog dancing derived from this native Appalachian region.As the popularity of the mini documentary The Dancing Outlaw grew … so did the demand for Jesco. Many became aware of Jesco through third generation VCR tapes that were copied and handed off in a series of unimaginable successions that made him the cult icon that he is today. From Architects to Mechanics, Jesco’s mystique and charm have captivated people for over a decade … and made him one of the most notorious members of the ‘hellbilly‘ movement. He is celebrating his birthday tonight at Smith’s Olde Bar!

-Keep the traditions alive tonight at Eddie’s Attic! Songwriter Open Mic Night is happening!

-You could always head over to Blind Willie’s for one of the queens of the Atlanta scene, Heather Luttrell.

-It’s  a FREE show tonight at 529! Head on over to catchSleepy Genes, Novakord, The Locksmyth(ex-A:The Color).

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