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Walk Off The Earth, the Canadian quintet that shot to fame with their innovative video cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” that is at over 136 million views and counting. The band are gearing up for the release of their R.E.V.O. EP of original songs on October 30, and the new material has proven just as popular and fun as their covers (the video for new original song “Summer Vibe”<> is at over 1.7 million views within just a few months.) They joined us for our 5GB before their show at Center Stage.

What’s the first gig you ever attended?

SARAH – Church. My grandfather was a priest and my grandmother played the pipe organ. She also sang. She was an angel. That was when I started to fall in love with music. Hearing that many voices together was the most amazing thing ever to me. I stopped going to church when I was 11, but I would go back in a second to hear a choir and a pipe organ.

GIANNI – Rage Against The Machine. It was the most intense concert ever. I just remember seeing people that had passed out getting pulled out of the mosh pit. It was awesome! I realized that I wanted to rock out hard on stage after that. I also started having more ideas about how to make it happen!

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed?

SARAH – I used to sing along and dance to Simon and Garfunkel for my Mom and Dad. But the first time I ever actually sang in front of a crowd was at a talent show when I was 9. I sang a Michael Jackson song, “Heal The World.” I was a super sweet little girl and that song made me want to help the world. Not to mention, Michael Jackson is the shit!

GIANNI – A punk rock basement party with a bunch of drunk people. I can’t remember how old I was, but, If I remember it right, all the bands sounded like shit, and everyone was a mess. But it was a pretty great show because it brought everyone together and made us all happy at the time. That’s what music does.

What is the best gig you have ever seen?

SARAH – Sassafras in 2010. A small band that no one knows. They’re from LA. I played with them at a tiny bar in Hollywood during a solo tour I did in 2010. They had 2 drummers, a fat bass player, and the front man was insane at guitar! His stage presence was the coolest shit I have ever seen! Unfortunately their CD did not represent them well. Their album sounded like shit, but their live show and songs were actually really amazing! I hate it when that happens to good bands. I guess not everyone can master all the corners of this industry.

GIANNI – Rage Against the Machine in 1991 at Air Canada Centre. It was MASSIVE! Like I mentioned before, people were passing out, the most pit was a death trap and the band sounded fucking ridiculously amazing! I can’t wait to play those kinds of shows someday soon!

What is the gig you would most like to play?

SARAH – I would love to play Massey Hall in Toronto. That is a nice venue. To be honest, we have played so many amazing places the next step would be stadiums. If we could play some really awesome stadiums in Europe and all over the world that would be amazing. I have played a lot of the old shitty punk rock clubs and doing it was a great experience, but let’s face it, that shit can get GROSS! Haha. I have stood on toilets to avoid floors before in my bare feet. I am just glad I don’t have to do that anymore. And that I appreciate it.

GIANNI – One of our ultimate goals in this band is to have the best live show on the planet. I don’t care where that happens. Every show is important, whether it’s a festival or a basement. It would be cool to play all the festivals that ever existed. Even the ones that will never happen again. Soundwave would be great. We hate the winter here.

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

SARAH – I have too many favourite bands. It would be a giant festival that lasted a week. Everyone would be super sloppy and dirty and probably high as fuck. Everyone would be there! It would be awesome. Janis Joplin would be there. The Doors. Distillers. Jimmy Hendrix. Nirvana. Rage. Sublime (with Brad.) No Doubt. Lady Gaga. Michael Jackson. And a bunch of little guys too! Every awesome musician ever! Haha.

GIANNI – Yeah, that sounds good.

Catch Walk the Earth., Nov. 8th at Center Stage

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