Bits and Bobs: The Coathangers, The Selmanaires, Little Tybee, Lera Lynn and More

– The Coathangers celebrate their “Live at The EARL” 7-inch, where else, at the EARL on November 26, with support from All Night Drug Prowling Wolves and Wolves and Jackals. – The Selmanaires are one member less, at least for a while, as bassist Tommy Chung is moving to New York. He played his last […]

CD Review: Sorry No Ferrari — Ternary; Playing The Drunken Unicorn, October 23

Sorry No Ferrari Ternary Stickfigure Recordings By Eric Chavez In case you create a band that uses absolutely no lyrics or vocals, period, in your records, there is only one thing to do: create an instrumental album to rock the senses. That is just what Sorry No Ferrari does on their debut full-length LP Ternary. […]

Bits and Bobs: T.I., Al Pacino, Phil Spector, Andre 3000, Squarepusher, Deerhunter

– If you haven’t heard by now, Atlanta might just have a new hometown hero. Rapper/jail bird T.I. helped talk a man off the ledge of a building in Midtown yesterday afternoon. Atlanta Magazine’s ATL Intel blog has more on the story, with reactions from T.I. and the Atlanta Police Department. – Al Pacino is […]

Bits and Bobs: Cornershop, Sade, Daft Punk, Deerhunter and More

– We’ve missed having Cornershop around. With their disco-plus-Asian sounds mixed in with the hip indie rock of the day, they have always been refreshing and eager to please. So we’re glad to hear they are releasing more music following 2009’s Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast on November 2 (The Battle of New Orleans […]

CD Review: The Vampire Diaries Original TV Soundtrack

The Vampire Diaries Original TV Soundtrack Virgin Records By Ellen Eldridge “Love Sucks” emanates from within layered musical images as the soundtrack for “Vampire Diaries” plays. The idea of pale, bloodsucking walkers of the night is so reminiscent of high school; the torments of pressure to live on even after you feel the cold acceptance […]

Live Review: The Electric Six at The EARL, October 2

The Electric Six stopped in to play at The EARL last Saturday as part of their tour with The Constellations. The Constellations always draw well in Atlanta, and this night was no exception. Their enthusiastic hometown crowd was augmented by all those Atlanta area Youtube junkies that just can’t stop queuing up Electric Six videos. […]

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