CD Review: Low — C’mon

Low C’mon Sub Pop By Ellen Eldridge Seeking a sound that hangs low? Low’s new release, C’mon, hits like a thunderstorm’s rain breaks through a hot day’s humidity. The feeling of pregnant clouds expanding to release comes across in the vocals starting with the first track, “Try To Sleep.” To say this album shines would […]

CD Review: The Kills — Blood Pressures; Playing Masquerade, April 23

The Kills Blood Pressures Domino By Al Kaufman The White Stripes started a movement. A lot of duos are coming out now featuring anvil-heavy blues guitar licks over a passionate voice. But few are doing it as well as The Kills. And that would make sense, since lead singer Allison Mosshart tackled the vocal chores for Jack […]

CD Review: LB Collective — Waiting for Enchantment; Playing Vinyl with O-Line, April 22

LB Collective Waiting for Enchantment LB Collective By Eric Chavez In the words, the vocals, the production of LB Collective’s latest effort Waiting for Enchantment, there lies a bit of a step back in time when female singer-songwriters reigned supreme. It wasn’t too long ago that the likes of Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, […]

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