5GB With Wesley Cook; Playing @ Eddie’s Attic Tonight

When we mention the name Wesley Cook we repeatedly hear the words “nice”, “hardworking”, and “positive” over and over again.   Wesley is definitely refreshing in his sound and attitude.  And hardworking is right- Wesley is playing at Eddie’s Attic tonight, performing at Six Flags Thursday, and Friday he is playing for Creative Mornings Atlanta, […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

I definitely believe that the body can sense when something big must be happening because I was wide awake at 5AM this morning, and thought, “Well, you might as well just get up!” So much to my dismay, the sun is still coming up and I am starting to work. I believe a nap is […]

Live Review and Picture Book: Milo Greene @Drunken Unicorn, July 21

Photos Courtesy of Codi Glancy, Review by Gini Strobel As a fan of Local Natives and Beach House, I instantly gravitated towards the debut, self-titled album from Milo Greene (released last week).  I invited a friend to join me at the Drunken Unicorn and was pleasantly surprised when several other friends wanted to tag along to […]

Live Review: Chuck Prophet and The Mission Express at The EARL, July 21

If you ever want to take an insider’s tour of San Francisco without leaving home, hop on the Mission Express and let Chuck Prophet be your guide. His latest record, Temple Beautiful, is named after one of the city’s rock clubs, and features a cast of characters best illustrated by Prophet’s live performance. Backed by […]

CD Review: Matisyahu – Spark Seeker

By Ellen Eldridge The chanted beginning of Matisyahu signals a fresh and inspiring take on rock-reggae. The significance of the album title, Spark Seeker, presents itself in the line, “These lies have got me tired; I’m free-falling, I’m done stalling,” that references the idea that music made inspires despite the music maker’s own struggle for […]

What’s Up Monday?

How was your weekend y’all? I have to admit I did not sleep very well, and I am sort of looking like Return of the Dead this morning….needless to say, mucho coffee will be necessary. If you feel like going out tonight and shaking your tail feathers, might I suggest some of these fun little ditties: […]

5GB With Milo Greene: Playing Drunken Unicorn, Saturday, July 21st

  Milo Greene is not real. However, the fictitious character that is Milo Greene is very much alive. Lacking an actual manager, college classmates Andrew Heringer, Robbie Arnett, and Marlana Sheetz concocted a virtual one – Milo Greene – to promote their individual musical efforts. It wasn’t until 2009 that the three began creating music together. While house […]

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