5GB With Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles; Playing Eddie’s Attic, Oct. 29th

Susanna Hoff’s new solo album, Someday, is an intensely personal song cycle that doubles as a musical love letter to the music of the 1960s, which, she says, “has always been my reference point for everything.” Produced and orchestrated by Mitchell Froom, the LP is heartfelt and immediate, oozing refinement but without a trace of […]

AMG Weekend Picks: Prom of the Living Dead, STS9, Sharon Van Etten, Lagwagon, and Jason Boland & The Stragglers

With the recent premiere of The Walking Dead, all we’ve been hearing lately is zombie-this and zombie-that. But what better of a time for the apocalypse than Halloween week!  The last week of October is sure to be one for the ages with so many great musicians coming to Atlanta ready to play into the […]

5GB With Maserati; Playing The Earl, Oct. 26th

When Jerry Fuchs joined Maserati in 2004, he initiated a complete overhaul of the group: old songs were dropped, tempos were drastically sped up, and the budding psych-rock impulses of guitarists Coley Dennis and Matt Cherry were given room to grow. Beginning with the electrifying Inventions For The New Season, Maserati were a better, faster, […]

5GB with King Tuff; Playing the Earl Thursday, Oct. 25

By Jhoni Jackson If all the garage-lovin’ power-poppers of today’s underground scene threw individual parties and you could only attend just one, I’d strongly suggest King Tuff’s shindig be your first choice. He’s not only one of the most consistently beloved pushers in the genre, but also seems to be having an exponentially more fun […]

What’s Up Wednesday?

Well hey, we made it half way through! And what’s with this weather? Is it already Spring? Take this one night to pretend that it’s the hazy summer days and take yourself out to one of these fancy shows! Have a great Wednesday! -I just can’t get Delta Rae out of my head! They are […]

AMG Picks: Halloween Events- Prom of the Living Dead, Dirt Nap 2012, Sick/Sea, & Stokeswood’s Halloween Tribute to The Talking Heads with Jungol

By Gini Strobel Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, so for the working crew that means we have to celebrate this Friday and Saturday or possibly face an early morning hangover on November 1st! I have a hard enough time waking up and not overdosing on caffeine, so I choose to party this weekend! […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

Oh my friends, I am glad it is a new day. I woke up Monday morning and put black pepper in my coffee instead of cinnamon. Let’s just say, I am REALLY glad it is a brand new day. With new days, come new experiences, new friends, and of course new music! Here are some […]

CD Review: The Romans – Coldest Weather

Review by Ellen Eldridge The Coldest Weather debut introduces The Romans as empathetic to indie rock while immersed in influences from wider sources. Atlanta acts as a melting pot for music; so many genres and influences inspire the music from our city’s bands and The Romans belly up to the bar bringing a warm nostalgic […]

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