AMG Interviews The Wild Feathers at Hangout Music Fest!

wild feathers

We had an AMG correspondent at Hangout Fest this year and we got the opportunity to interview Nashville band, The Wild Feathers. Here’s what Ricky Young and Ben Jarvis of the band had to say:

How do you guys connect with the crowd when you’re playing a show?

Ricky Young: A lot of dancing…a lot of tight clothing. Really I think it’s just trying to have as much as you possibly can and not worry about anyone else. I feel like when I kinda let go people will react more.

What has been your most memorable gig so far?

Ricky Young: The Louisville Palace in Kentucky opening up for Bob Dylan…and we did a couple great shows with Paul Simon not too long ago.

What’s the craziest, or kindest thing a fan has done for you guys so far?

Ricky Young: We get a lot of interesting signs that have hashtags in front of them. They have song names and that’s pretty cool, we like to see that, and a lot of people want our setlists – which is interesting to me.

Ben Jarvis: When people ask for a drum stick I break I always love that. When I was a kid I used to always ask the drummer for a drum stick so when somebody asks me it’s very special.

What song are you most proud of so far?

Ricky & Ben: The best way I can answer that is, the song I have the most fun playing live would be “Hard Times.” It was coming out of a place of complete, sheer desperation and it was not only about our personal lives but the state of the country. It’s the most honest thing I have been a part of, and I love getting to listen to everyone in the band sing. It’s emotional.

What’s the first show you guys ever went to?

Ben Jarvis: I think mine was Reba McEntire.

Ricky Young: Mine was Silverchair and Local H.

If you were to die in the next hour, what would you do?

Ricky Young: Call my mom and dad and talk to them for 59 minutes.

Ben Jarvis: I was gonna say try to fuck somebody but…

Has anyone said anything really mean to you on Twitter?

Ricky & Ben: I haven’t seen any mean tweets or anything. We get a lot of nice tweets.¬†One time we were asking for jokes and somebody told a very racist joke and we did not favorite that. That was probably the meanest tweet.

How did you guys get started with music?

Ricky Young: My dad used to play around on the guitar when I was a kid. He’d play Eagles songs, Willie Nelson songs and even some Neil Young. I used to make up my own interpretations of what the words meant and I think that really got me into songs and stories. My dad doesn’t know that, but that’s the honest truth.

Ben Jarvis: My story’s kind of similar. My dad’s a drummer and he always had a drum set around the house and one day when I was 10 years old I started playing it and that was it.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Ricky Young: We have some interesting dates on this tour that we can’t really talk about yet. It’s really awesome and we’re really thrilled about it.

You can check out the Wild Feathers here and look for them out on tour this year!


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