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    Atlanta Music Guide's Recommended CD's

Browse our selection of the best CD's that Atlanta has to offer [as well as a couple other 'must haves']

Click on a title to purchase a CD from these Atlanta bands online. We have also included some other CD's that we think are essential listening.

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Product picture Metroscene
'First Light at Last Orders
Metroscene's new CD shows clevery crafted songs, to compliment their well know live set. Standout tracks: Chemical Wonder and Be With Me Now


Product picture Film
Film's new 6 song EP '.rolling.' has outsold local competition at several stores around town includng Corner Compact Disc. The six songs highlight the bands catchy, memorable pop tunes, and showcases excellent diversity with clever chords changes in songs like Chemical Wonder and Get Away. Standout tracks: Chemical Wonder and Q


Product picture Doves
Lost Souls
Doves debut album 'Lost Souls' was one of this years Mercury Prize nominees. This record is a great return to chilled out rock, with some noticable experimental sounds. Superbly written, catchy licks. Standout tracks: Catch the Sun and Here it comes


Product picture Coldplay
Coldplay are both loved by the public and hated by many critics including the now defunct Creation Records founder Alan McGee, but this CD speaks for itself. The eire single 'Yellow' showcases haunting vocals. Coldplay are probably the biggest band in the UK right now. 'Parachutes' their debut, is a brilliant, mellow CD showcasing 10 smooth, acoustic rock tracks - every single song on this CD is beautifully written guarenteed to stop you in your tracks. Standout tracks: Yellow and Trouble


Product picture Radiohead
Kid A
Radiohead may have previewed a couple of tracks from the new CD Kid A already online and in their live shows, but there is still much mystery surrounding this album. Listeners will again be guarenteed Thom York's amazing vocal ability and Nigel Godrichs superlative production, along with Radiohead's heartwarming, groundbreaking song writing. Standout tracks: Everyting in its right place and Optimistic


Product picture Badly Drawn Boy
Hour of Bewilderbeast
Badly Drawn Boy AKA Damon Gough's 'Hour of Wilderbeast' finally gets its long overdue US release in October. Badly Drawn Boy picked up the highly coveted Technics Mercury Music prize this year beating out Richard Ashcroft and Coldplay. There are funky, groovy beats and swift melodies all over this obviously-indie record. With it's lazy-day vocals it's easy to see why this record has enthralled the British public, but may not do as well in the States. Standout tracks: Disillusion and Once around the black


Product picture Audiobridge
Writing in the sand
Debut release from the Atlanta band. U2 influenced, the full pop / rock sound, produces many strong songs. Standout tracks: 11-16 and Don't follow me


Product picture Film
10 stellar tracks from 99 release. "Film are intensely musical and melodically pop driven, and their debut, 'Filmland', covers a myriad of musical styles from American Rock to British Pop" [melody maker UK] Standout tracks: Q and Charlene


Product picture The Tender Idols
Step On Over
Indie label debut - an Atlanta staple, The Tender Idols recieved some strong airplay for the single Gettaway This bands roots are firmly cemented in Oasis / British mod - rock. Standout tracks: See How she runs and Step On Over


Product picture Ph Balance
Ph Blalance
Silky Smooth vocals, combined with trip hop beats and loops, serve a CD full of ingenious songs and fearless hooks. Standout tracks: Soothing and Flora Avenue


Product picture Metroscene
The Weekenders E.P.
Brit -pop influenced 4 piece follow a strong live show, [excellent draw] with quality 4 song E.P. Standout tracks: Darkest Star and Weekenders


Product picture Steadman
Loser Friendly
Steadman just played Smiths Olde Bar 7/25. The band are from Hastings, England; used to be called the Dharmas and were signed to a major label. This is their 1st indie release and is packed full of solid melodies, showcasing amazing song writing. Standout tracks: Let Down and Whirlwind


Product picture Matchbox Twenty
Mad Season
Matchbox Twenty teamed up with producer Matt Serletic from Atlanta's Tree Sound Studio for their 2nd full length CD. 'Mad Season' boasts some steller production work, drop dead hooks, and engaging songs. Standout tracks: Bent and Mad Season


Product picture Richard Ashcroft
Alone with everybody
Former Verve frontman picks up where he left off with his 1st solo release. Although none of the songs immediately grab you the way 'Bittersweet Symphany' did on 'Urban Hymms' this album is a work of art and heart. There is a level of production only Chris Potter seems to achieve lately, and the lavish, rich tracks here are superb. Standout tracks: New York and Money to burn


Product picture The Red Telephone
The Red Telephone are a Boston based band we found on Originally signed to Warner Bros. the band are now self releasing their next CD 'Cellar Songs' [available 01/01] This 5 song EP was luckily put out as a sampler of what was to come. The sound is decidely rich, out standlingly clever and musicianship excels. Standout tracks: Jet Pilot High and Ever Travel


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