Picture Book and Review: Imagine Dragon, Atlas Genius & Nico Vega play Tabernacle Feb 14



Imagine Dragon Tabernacle
Imagine Dragon Tabernacle

Photos and Review by: Catrina Maxwell with CatMax Photography, LLC

Imagine Dragon sold out the Tabernacle, but after seeing Nico Vega I think they had a part in selling out that venue as well. I had never heard of the band Nico Vega before and as I entered the press pit I wasn’t sure what to expect. As soon as Aja Volkman took the stage, she owned it with her energy and excitement, not to mention her strong vocals. I was impressed at the voice that came out of this little women.

Once Imagine Dragon took the stage the fans were ready for the large drums to kick in. You could feel the energy in the room as Dan Reynolds ran onto the stage and starting pounding on a large stand up drum. Dan really keep the crowd by playing songs from their debut album “Night Visions”. During “Underdog” they band release a bunch of white beach balls with glow sticks in them, the crowd began crowd surfing and bouncing the beach balls all around the venue. I think everyone left there a bigger fan after seeing these bands, I know I sure did.




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