Prog rock festival Prognosis returns to Sweetwater Bar and Grill for 2nd year in a row


Atlanta-based progressive rock bands Omnipresent and Not Otherwise Specified bring Prognosis Fest back to Sweetwater Bar and Grill Dec. 11 and 12 at 8 p.m.

Instead of three bands on one night, this year’s mini festival includes eight bands and two nights.

Prognosis in 2014 featured Omnipresent, Ethos and Not Otherwise Specified.

Singer, guitarist and keyboardist for Not Otherwise Specified Craig Kerley wrote and recorded two albums before forming Not Otherwise Specified in April 2014.

He said the band, Ben Daniels on guitar, Brian Arnold on guitars and backing vocals, Keith Tuggle on bass and Jeff Wheeler on drums and backing vocals, played its first show for the inaugural Prognosis show in 2014.

Kerley said his day job played a bit into the naming of the festival. Though not a medical doctor, Kerley is a psychologist. (A prognosis is the likely course a disease or illness will take.) He said the name started as a joke by drummer Jeff Wheeler.

I do believe that’s how Jeff came up with it,” Kerley said. “We were joking around over a few beers after practice and it kinda stuck.”

This year, Omnipresent is co-organizing the event with Not Otherwise Specified and the two bands are featured on Saturday Dec. 12 because of the bands’ sonic similarities, Kerley said. All bands play a 40 to 45-minute set.

The first night, Dec. 11, includes bands Sunnycide, There Were People With Morals, SlowEarth and Role of the Observer. These four acts are focused on modern progressive music, incorporating elements such as electronica, post-rock, space rock and other forms of experimentation, Kerley said.

The second night, Dec. 12, features bands Gnomonaut, Not Otherwise Specified, Omnipresent and Mosaic, which are focused on more classic/traditional progressive music and progressive metal music, with explosive playing, complex arrangements and extended compositions, and a harder rock sound, Kerley said.

Check out all the bands scheduled on ReverbNation.

Follow Prognosis Fest on Facebook and get tickets for each night at Sweetwater Bar and Grill. Each night is sold separately for $10.



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