AMG’s Ones to Watch: Evan Andree

By: Taylor Magill   I was first exposed to Evan Andree’s music while working at The Masquerade when he opened for MC Lars and I Fight Dragons. As soon as I got home, I started googling to find out where I could hear more of this extremely talented singer-songwriter’s music online. I was excited to […]

AMG’s Ones to Watch: Milyssa Rose

By: Taylor Magill Milyssa Rose is an Atlanta pop artist with an edge. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Milyssa has always known that the entertainment business was   her true calling. Growing up, she participated in community theater, modeling, and talent shows. Milyssa also has been studying with a vocal coach for many years to perfect her […]

AMG’s Ones to Watch: THIS HOUSE

By: Taylor Magill In an arguably over-saturated scene full of self-proclaimed lo-fi geniuses and high school metal bands, it’s hard to tell what will stick around for the long haul. Despite the over-saturation, once in a while a band comes along and you can tell that they are going somewhere. When I came across THIS […]

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