5 GB With Fanfarlo; Playing Vinyl, Saturday March 10

By Eileen Tilson London based indie pop group, Fanfarlo, formed in 2006 under the leadership of  Swedish musician Simon Balthazar. The band started catching attention with their single, “The Walls Are Coming Down,” which helped land them on a ton of popular TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, House, and even on the  2010 film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  We […]

CD Review: Fanfarlo — Rooms Filled With Light; Playing Vinyl, March 10

Fanfarlo Rooms Filled with Light Atlantic Records By Al Kaufman The indie-pop world took notice when Fanfarlo released their debut, Reservoir, in 2009. Now, three years later, Fanfarlo has gone back about 30 years to create their new sound. In listening to Rooms Filled with Light, one would not be unreasonable to believe the band […]

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