Music Startup Academy- Atlanta Event October 4th!

The Music Startup Academy is designed to reduce barriers to entry into the music business for developers and entrepreneurs. The coursework will provide a clear roadmap to success by offering actionable insights into building a legal, streamlined, and competitive music property. This first-of-its-kind event in Atlanta is quarterbacked by Shachar Oren, CEO of local music […]

CD Review: Greymarket — Some Orbits Will Never Decay; Playing Under the Couch, March 11

Greymarket Some Orbits Will Never Decay By Al Kaufman L. Cave McCoy has had his share of moonage daydreams concerning David Bowie. McCoy, the songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and programmer behind Greymarket (which also includes drummer Michael Gargiulo) is fascinated with space, as the bird-winged space shuttle on the front cover will attest to. McCoy also […]

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