Review and Picture Book: Butch Walker at Smith’s Olde Bar on September 7th and The High Watt in Nashville on September 10th

Review by Molly Segers, Photos Courtesy of Rosie Judd Deadheads. Phans. Fanilows. Beliebers. There is a long and storied tradition of diehard music fans and the bands fortunate enough to have them. Butch Walker fans are sometimes called Walker Stalkers. While it may come with a not-so flattering name, Butch regularly rewards his fans’ loyalty. […]

Butch Walker Announces New Album Out August 30

By Eileen Tilson Atlanta’s favorite son and former Marvelous 3 front man Mister Butch Walker announced today that the long awaited release of a new album is over. The Spade features 10 new tracks written by Walker and his longtime bandmates, The Black Widows; Fran Capitanelli on lead rhythm guitar, Jake Sinclair on bass and […]

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