CD Review: The Rosebuds — Loud Planes Fly Low; Playing The EARL, June 16

The Rosebuds Loud Planes Fly Low Merge By Al Kaufman Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp used to be a happily married couple that put out albums like The Rosebuds Make Out. Then they got divorced. But, like other couples going through turmoil (Richard and Linda Thompson, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, all of […]

CD Review: Arcade Fire — The Suburbs

Arcade Fire The Suburbs Merge By Al Kaufman Arcade Fire is the most popular band on the planet right now. They didn’t get there by being subtle. Their wildly popular Neon Bible was their grandiose statement concerning the political climate circa 2006 (hint: they didn’t like it). Funeral, well let’s just say it was rather […]

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