What’s Up Wednesday? May 29th

We’re all stoked it’s Wednesday here at Atlanta Music Guide! This short week seems to be flying by! The week has been ever BETTER with these killer lineups! Check out what’s going on tonight! OURS Ring the Bell Tour @ The Drunken Unicorn The versatile alternative rock band OURS is a dynamic and urgent outfit […]

Picture Book and Live Review: Ours @ The Earl August 28th, 2012

Review by Stephanie Roman Photos by Jenna Hughes A storm was gathering on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, while two friends came together with the power of perseverance and the gift to create beauty from chaos. Ours vocalist Jimmy Gnecco and front man James Hall of the Futura Bold each delivered inspired sets […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

My goodness, do ever feel like you are just continually fighting an uphill battle? Thank goodness there is music to make all the world so much better. Do yourself a favor tonight and go catch one of these amazing shows tonight. –HULL is doom and dark, and everything that is wrong in the world, sounds […]

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