What’s Up Thursday?

By Eileen Tilson Um highs today in the 70’s?!?!?! I can’t help but to think that mother nature is just playing a little trick on us all. “Oh yeah, whip out the shorts and flip flops, and then right when you start getting a little color back in your cheeks BAM! I’m gonna drop the […]

Live Review & Q&A: Attention System at the Star Bar, February 4

Review by Stephanie Roman (http://www.stephanieroman.com); photo by: William Buckley Attention System reminded us that it has been three years since they last appeared at the Star Bar. Since releasing the critically acclaimed debut album Wait for My Signal, the band has quickly become known for putting on the best electro-rock dance show in town. They […]

What’s Up Thursday?

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn Happy Thursday everyone! I must admit I am kind of excited because according to the Nashville weatherman, we are supposed to get snow today! Alas though I won’t be able to enjoy cause I am coming home to Atlanta this weekend! So as you are gearing up for your Thursday, I’ll […]

What’s Up Thursday?

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn In the past few days, two people, one close to me and one stranger, both my age passed unexpectedly. I only bring up this little bit of sadness to remind everyone that life is preciously short, and to please live everyday as if it is your last. Truly…if this was your […]

AMG Weekend Picks: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Old School Saturday, Josh Erwin and More!

You can tell everyone is dashing around this weekend doing last-minute holiday shopping, cleaning, cooking and the rest of it. Because this weekend sees Atlanta being a little on the quiet side for gigs, with the exception of a rockin’ holiday party gig or two, some great Christmas-themed shows and a few other gems that […]

AMG Weekend Picks: Tandoori Knights, Gringo Star, Lykke Li and More!

Things are a little mellow this weekend, probably with everyone gearing up for the big Turkey Fest coming up next week. But there is still a ton of incredible shows, and a donka-truck-tonnage of tickets going on sale, so you can get some Christmas shopping done too (and pick yourself up something nice while you’re […]

What’s Up Monday?

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn Happy Halloween Everyone! This is by far my most favorite holiday; nothing like dressing up, getting candy, and acting a little wild! For those of you who are not taking the little ones out trick-or-treating, here are some ghoulish events for adults. -When a band tells you they are from Brooklyn, […]

CD Review: Gringo Star — Count Yer Lucky Stars; Playing Star Bar, November 19

Gringo Star Count Yer Lucky Stars Gigantic Music By Ellen Eldridge To say a buzz has been brewing over Atlanta locals Gringo Star would downplay the frenetic reverberations on the music industry radar. The allusion to Beatles drummer Ringo Starr remains a cute sarcasm, and fits the band’s style well with the choice of instruments […]

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