What’s Up Wednesday? February 5


You’ve made it halfway through the week, lovelies. Go treat yo’ selves to a concert. You’ve got great options.

Joe Pug @ Eddie’s Attic 

It’s been four years since Joe Pug quit his day job as a carpenter, but his remarkable rise in the music world has been driven by the same hard-worn work ethic. His path has been an unusual one, which has often challenged the traditional rule book of the music industry, but even as he prepares to release his second album “The Great Despiser”, it has always been characterized by one prevailing idea: Find a way. After dropping out of college the day before he was to start his senior year, he moved to Chicago and picked up the guitar he hadn’t played since his teenage years. It was in those heady early days that the idea was born for a unique “grass roots” promotional strategy that would launch Pug into our national musical consciousness.

Doors at 6:30pm. Tickets start at $10. 
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Onchi w/ Salts @ The EARL 

Also Appearing: The Dirty Magazines, Cathedral Ring

Freakish doom wave punks will conjure the darkest flames from within at the East Atlanta Restaurant and Lounge on this, the fifth night of February, which will henceforth be know as the Day of the Black Goat.

Doors at 8:30pm. Tickets are $5.
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W.B. Givens w/ Garrison Blagg Band @ Smith’s Olde Bar 

Raised in the hill country of northern Mississippi, W.B. Givens grew up a stone’s throw away from the legendary land where the Delta Blues began. After a substantial stint in Asheville, North Carolina, he developed a strong passion for traditional Bluegrass and Country music. Nowadays, he resides on the east side of the Cumberland River in Nashville. Givens has developed into a fresh, ambitious songwriter, managing to combine these distinct styles of music into a poignant and promising new sound. Delivering often gut-wrenching lyrics with an evocative voice, he lives simply for the sake of the song.

Doors at 8pm. Tickets are $8 in advance. Online and phone sales end at 2pm.
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