AMG SXSW ’10 Q & A with Malissa Sole of 4th Ward Heroes

For our final edition of the AMG SXSW ’10 Q & A we spoke with the one and only, Malissa Sole. Lady-in-charge at 4th Ward Heroes, manager for the Mermaids, supporter of all things local.

You’re soon to be on the road to SXSW; according to Google maps the trip from ATL to Austin = approx. 16 hours driving. What are your three essential road trip albums?

I’m flying out with friends. We’d never get out there in peace (or in one piece) if we drove out there. We’d end up picking up hitch hikers, wayward souls, guitar playing vagabonds, etc. That being said, I never fly without my shuffle, but I am so not telling you what’s on it.

Fast food // gas station snacks // local diners – where are you most likely to stop for grub on this trip?

I’m a diner kind of girl. I really don’t like fast food. I take my food very seriously.

There is a band playing at every venue, bar, and BBQ joint in Austin – who are you most excited to see?

This will be my first SXSW. I’m going out to work the “We Put The A in Austin” (Atlanta Showcase) at Light Bar on Friday March 20 and The 40 Watt Party on Saturday March 20th at Side Bar. I am really looking forward to supporting all of the local bands going out this year like Modern Skirts, The Whigs, Dead Confederate, Ponderosa, The Judies, Mermaids, Ocha La Rocha, The Coathangers, The Constellations – the list goes on.

I am super psyched to attend the Mexican Summer x Gorilla vs. Bear Friday March 19 at Klub Krucial and PBR’s Hangover Brunch at Frank Thursday – Saturday. I’d fly to Texas for a good brunch.


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