Live Review: Scissor Sisters at The Buckhead Theatre, August 21

By Giles Turnbull

“I didn’t have to queue this long to see Madonna!” quipped one eager concert goer; but everyone knew it’s not the length that’s important, but how it swings! The disco party atmosphere was bubbling away even as the queue snaked its way around The Buckhead Theatre, sparkling with silver spandex under a drizzly sky.

Inside, Casey Spooner (of Fischerspooner) and Scissor Sister’s DJ Sammy Jo, slammed down some thumping techno dance beats with aplomb. The atmosphere quickly grew until Scissor Sisters took the stage before a cheering  sell-out crowd in Atlanta, for the start of their North American tour.

The unceasingly energetic set was sung and danced along to, song after song, old and new; every song delighting, and everybody unashamedly wrapped up in the glamness – the sheer irresistible glamor of it all.

Right from the start, the old classics rubbed shoulders with the songs from the recently-released album, Night Work. Favorites like “Laura” hobnobbed with the extrovert “Whole New Way”; the new romantics like “Fire With Fire” burned as bright as “She’s My Man.”

Finally, The Scissor Sisters returned to the stage to launch into encores, starting with “Comfortably Numb,” still sounding off-the-wall even eight years on since its appearance in 2002, and winding up into the fabulous “Filthy Gorgeous.”

And with that it was time for goodbyes, urging everybody to continue dancing out onto the streets and into the night … like “sexual gladiators.”


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