Q&A with Misery Loves Chachi, Playing at Vinyl, Saturday, February 9th

The brainchild of musician Nathan Sadler, Misery Loves Chachi is one of ATL’s most intriguing new bands. A blue collar synthesis of Belle and Sebastian and Steely Dan, the band mixes a diverse array of complex lo-fi keyboard textures–with ambient, dreamy electric guitar riffs–layered above dynamic and energetic drums and bass. Rich and subtle harmonies […]

Q & A with Clap for Daylight; Playing @ Vinyl, Saturday, Feb. 9th

Like a dramatic slow clap excitedly gaining momentum, Clap for Daylight began as a cavalier suggestion in an Atlanta dive in 2007 and has since originated a powerful album with a dramatic sound uniquely their own. As Nashville roommates, fellow music students Greg Vilines and Alex Arnett discovered they shared more than milk and the […]

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