1970 Georgia Rock Festival To Be Commemorated With Historical Marker & Long-awaited Preview of Feature-length Documentary Film

Did you know that Rock Concert Promoter and Atlanta local, Alex Cooley, once organized one of the largest rock festivals in the Southeast? Yep, Mr. Cooley organized the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival, which took place in Byron, GA, from July 3-5, 1970, and featured over thirty musical acts including Jimi Hendrix and Macon’s Allman Brothers! Could you imagine being there? Several hundred thousand people attended the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival and basked in the glory of some legendary musicians.

According to the press release, an official Georgia Historical Society marker will be unveiled on the festival site in Byron on September 15, and a ‘rough cut’ of the much-anticipated feature-length documentary film of the festival will finally be given its first screenings by Director, Steve Rash in both Macon and Atlanta on September 15th and 17th.

The historical marker ceremony is open to the public at no charge, at the former festival site near the Middle Georgia Raceway, 4015 US Highway 41 North, in Byron, at 3 PM, Saturday, September 15. The Perry event, “Remember When – The Byron Pop Festival”, featuring music, memorabilia, the festival light show, and special guest speakers, will be held at the Perry Arts Center, 1121 Macon Rd., 7-10 PM, Friday, September 14 – admission $5.

We can’t wait to learn more from the documentary and ceremonies!


  1. I was there!…I took bus part way and hitchhiked the rest of the way from Providence, RI. it was so very hot, and humid. Best music and weather. I remember Allman brothers and Hendrix and Mountain….Please print more info on venue and acts. I want to try and remember more of this experience! Paul

  2. One of the best weekends of my life. Remember walkin down “Acid Alley” to the free stage and seeing some fantastic jams. Only regret, heard but did not see Hendrix; too busy with a fine southern lady in our tent. Are there copies of the documentary for sale?

  3. Same here. Want to buy a copy.

  4. I was living in Atlanta at the time & a group of us went. We camped out & listened to bands for a couple of days. Jimi Hendrix flew in on a helicopter, did “The Star Spangled Banner” & another song & flew away. I was disappointed since I loved Jimi but he was the best!!
    BB King’s guitar playing made me melt along with the “you know what”
    Ten Years After were there as well. I thought about this concert when I found out last night that Alvin Lee, the guitarist passed away. May he RIP
    I will never forget this concert or my boyfried, Bill Robinson.

  5. I lived in Warner Robins and worked on building free stage. My buds from UGA and I watched incredible music, even through the rain and the Allman Brothers, who we saw regularly in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, along with Hendrix was truly magical. I hope they release a DVD of the newly released documentary.

  6. My uncle Dave and I drove down from ohio ,I just got home from vietnam ,it made me put my thumb in the air after the the show was over ,and go to s.f. great time ,hot , I remember music was the best.

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